ON JULY 21, 1974 AT 4:34 PM


“I, Saint John Vianney, say to all the children present here, ‘Music is not always Heavenly, but there is music in Heaven.’ The Angels are music, Their voices are music, and yes, the Lights of Heavenly Wisdom could be termed music, for you see, there is a Beauty Here that nothing else is, and all things upon the earth are but parallels or imitations of the Things Here.  And I, Saint John Vianney, say through a child such as you, that the Truth is coming to the world direct, and All Things are being given so that you each can better understand the magnitude it is and the privilege of being man.

So many children are not chosen as the men in the world would like you to believe.  Men choose the way.  God only needs a seed.  Bear this in mind.  Those who choose to relay to others what they feel, what they want others to follow, sometimes have good intentions in mind, but I, Saint John Vianney say, ‘When a delicate Truth, a firm Truth is truly from The Divine, The Father always shows it alone, shows it in a special way, and it always appears so natural, and yet the Wisdom is Great.’

I was upon the earth, I walked a particular way.  I loved The Father of all men, and sometimes when I would run away, I would feel His Presence and He would say to me: ‘John, go back again.  The children need you desperately, for through you I extend My Love, My Wisdom, My Hope.’

And so now, once again in the world, a child does stand, This Time a woman in the way of man, but to give to the world what only He can command.  Beware of false prophets, beware of false ideas, beware of trickery, and yes, My children, beware of your own selves, for you see, in many ways you are weak and you lack self-discipline, and when you do, bear in mind, it can lead you to the wrong path.

My little ones, I bless you with God’s Love and I bless you with the Priestly Blessing that I had when I was upon the land.  And I bless you with Hope, through a child who soon must run away to get the rest, for you see, she suffers many Gethsemanes and must face many tests.  And through her you will gain the Wisdom that is Here, the Wisdom of the Heavens, the Wisdom that The Father does hold dear.

So those of you who are weak, who are unable to accept The Father’s Way, The Father’s Will, I say to you today: ‘Look to The Commandments that He gave a particular man one day, and as you do, bear in mind that that man, Moses, suffered many days for mankind; for, you see, to accept the Wisdom that The Commandments gave he had to go through many Gethsemanes.  And bear in mind, that it was his sacrifice, his love, his devotion, and yes, obedience to These Commands that lasted all this time, for if he did not accept in the manner They were given, The Commandments would not be here today for you, for you see, They would have lacked in deliverance.’

So I bless you and I say, ‘Again The Father comes to the world with the Wisdom to draw you to Sainthood, to make you understand, to make you think why you are man.’ And be aware of those who say, ‘You have power,’ for I, John Vianney say, ‘The only power that you have is the will that God gave.’  So be it.”

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