ON DECEMBER 18, 1971 AT 10:58 AM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Bernadette.  As you entered this room, All Heaven was alerted to your presence, to your walking in, where We would speak to you of God’s Love for you.

I want each child in the room here now, to picture a great big garden of flowers with a path going down the center, and I will walk along with you.  Now picture, at the end of this path, Our Heavenly Father, and We will call this path ‘the way of life’, the way you walk each day.

And now let us hold hands, you and I, and walk this path to God Who waits for us with Love.  To the right of us are little flowers, blue, and we notice each one of these flowers is exactly like the next one.  They are the same color, they are the same size, and they all have the same amount of petals.  Let us, you and I, pick some of these flowers to begin a bouquet to hand to The Father today.  As we bend down to pick them out of the ground, each of us will pick a different amount.  Some of you will pick many.

And now let us go on further along, and we come upon more flowers who have grown big and strong; these are multicolored.  And now you and I will go in where these flowers are and pick them as they please our eye.  Here again, you and I will pick a different amount.

Now, My children, walk along and we will choose the flowers.  As we walk through the path of life, these flowers are not just flowers; they are your acts of love that you give to those you meet, those you live with.

Now, we are just about at the Feet of Our Heavenly Father.  We begin to arrange these flowers.  Ask yourselves, are you pleased with your bouquet?  Ask yourselves, did you do enough to make the bouquet in a beautiful way?  I, Saint Bernadette, ask each child here to think of the size of the bouquet.  I ask the little ones and I ask the big people also.

Now, My children, we are at the Feet of God, and we will hand Him the bouquet before we enter the Kingdom to live on with Him for all days.  This is the way of life, My little ones, gathering acts that you do, so one day you will face your God with a total amount.  Give Him the gift that He wants:  your love to Him.

I bless you with My Way and I say, ‘I want each child here, of all ages, to keep close to them the Holy Rosary, for as you do, your Heavenly Mother will help you along the path, so that when you lay the bouquet at the Feet of The Father, it will be a great bouquet of love, and you will be happy to see Him at last.’  So be it.”

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