ON JULY 2, 1991


“I smile through this woman in the world, because as I announced Myself to her today, she questioned Me.

You do live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  You live in a time of strange events.  You live in a time diabolical in many ways, and much heresy surrounds you through men who walk The Son’s Way.

It is sad for Me to say, for I walked the earth in a powerful way, but even then, when I walked at that time, I found much dissension, much corruption, much crime.  It is not until one reaches the point Where I am that We are allowed to look back on the whole view of things and see the wrong of man.

You live in a time where you must stand up to Truth, you must stand up for Truth, you must stand up for what is right.  You must not bend to the ill winds, the ill whims of man.  Men sometimes can be selfish, full of self-love, and they demand others to do their bidding, their will, for the one in charge wants attention, the one in charge wants to be the one to give direction.

Do think back on the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, and you live in a time a thousand times worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.

There are very few leaders in the world who ever think about your Soul.  There are very few leaders in the world who really think about their own Soul, for the Soul is something to them that is set apart, something that someone talked about; someone taught them that they had One, but as time went on, they forgot.

I, Pius XII, say to you tonight: ‘Never forget That Portion of you, That Part of you that is The Father’s.  Never forget that as you leave the world, a portion of you leaves with the Soul, to be Judged by Him in all ways, for all portions of life; and never forget, My sons, to remember this:  As you look Face to face, you will better understand the Soul does not stand alone, but It stands with a portion of you as you were man.’  So be it.”

He tells me to tell you that as you have witnessed time and again, the Strength of Power They use to hold the physical firmly so the Words can come through clearly, is a Power unknown to man.

He smiles and says: “What you have learned on this night must remain within your mind for all time.  You have been given insight into the responsibility you bear as man, not just for an Entity you cannot see nor physically feel, but a Portion of The Father that is within you.  That Portion constantly tugs at you to make the right choices, to do the right things, to have Faith in the Purpose of life and the Importance of being man.

As your eyes are important to you, and your ears are important to you, and your mind is of the utmost importance to you, bear in mind that through your eyes and through your ears and through your mind, you can control all your senses, and direct everything you say and do to all that is good, all that is right.

As you protect the physical from harm, bear in mind that you must protect the Soul, so that one day, as the physical will be represented visibly with the Soul, you will thank The Father for this night.”

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