ON MARCH 12, 1979


“God has the most beautiful way of pointing to all the facets of human life, and when He shows it in a Vision, it is what you and I would call ‘overlay’.  God takes a picture of a human being, nondescript of course, in features, and then He overlays the Soul, which is the Most Important Part of you and I.  And then God adds that beautiful ingredient, the will.  And then He covers the whole thing with our Guardian Angel.

But don’t forget, these three things, plus our flesh, get us into an awful lot of trouble in many ways, because we are responsible for that Soul, and we think the Guardian Angel is just going to do everything and we won’t have to do anything.  Not so.  I wonder how many Guardian Angels teeter on the top of a ladder, waiting for that child to get that ladder back in place.

Then God puts another overlay on.  He puts the overlay of Faith.  Then He puts another overlay on, of heritage; then another overlay, of nature.  Then He puts another one on, of environment; then another one, of knowledge and wisdom; and then another one, of talents, creed, and then it goes on and on and on, to every facet of our life.

There was a beautiful Vision one time when God said: ‘The Soul of each child is like a diamond, and that is what The Miracle Of Saint Joseph is for, to return to Me, My Souls.  They are like diamonds in the sky.’ And These Diamonds, well, They glow in different degrees of Light.  But He said, ‘They brighten the Heavens,’ and He talked about the Souls of His children.  And when He spoke, He had spoken this way no other time, and He talked about the children that He wanted to return to Him, and He said: ‘They think of Me in so many ways.  They talk about Me in so many different avenues of life, but they forget that I have given them The Rules to live by and the manner in which I wanted them to think, to live, to follow, so that they would reach for purity, so when their Soul returned to Me there were no flaws, no blemishes, just Beauty.’

Now, you and I know it is very difficult to get a pure diamond because earthly things are rarely pure, in a pure state, but when we have a pure diamond and it is clear, the clarity is there, it shows immediately.

Tonight you and I, before we lay our heads, should look at our Soul as a Diamond that God gave us that was pure, and gave us to take care of It.  We have to return that Diamond to Him in a Pure State.  We can, if we work at it.  All it takes is effort and our will.

So tonight, when you go to bed, know that when you lay your head the Guardian Angel is there some place; but, your Soul is like a shadow of your whole being, a reflection of what you are, what I am.  And this Soul is not just given to us for Lent, but this Soul is a daily thing for us to watch out for, to protect.

When God gave the world the Ten Commandments He gave them through a man, but God Himself delivered the Ten Commandments.  This is not myth, it is not legend; it’s Fact.  But when God created, established and instituted Holy Mother Church, He did it Himself, firsthand.  We have something very special when we have the Faith to believe that our Church is the One True Church, because God established it, Our Lady is The Tabernacle, and The Other Portion of God instituted it.

So, with this much Love in the world, knowing the Truth of It, He gave us The Commandments, He gave us our Church.  Now it is our obligation and our privilege to return to Him our Soul.  He gave us the whole means, He gave us the whole way, He gave us the path to take.  The path is purity.  He gave us the Light of Hope.  He gave us all the things it would take to return to Him.  He gave us the physical life, which is the means to Him.  We use this physical life, and through it we become Saints.

If tonight, we actually become aware, with all our problems, all our hurts, all our weaknesses, we become aware that we have a Special Gift from God, not just our Faith but our Soul, then tonight we begin — not tomorrow, tonight — to live the life that God intended us to live, a life to return to Him our Soul.

It is probably good we do not see our Soul because we would become so aware of Its appearance we would not act for It.  It would be a distraction.  So God thought of everything.  But the awareness of our Soul is very, very important, because, My little ones, when you are aware of such a Blessing, you will tend to use each moment to create around you a purity.

I stood many times in a Convent, using every little thought, every little act, to show The Heavenly One I wanted to be with Him above all things.

As a very small child upon the earth, I realized that nothing on the earth could last.  So, as I knelt by my bed one night I asked Him to show me the way for me, the path I must take to be with Him for All Eternity.

You walk in the shadow of My Name.  You walk in the Light of Hope.  You walk, ready to please, and I say to you on this night, ‘Please Him first, for when you do, no time is lost.’

I bring Light where I am.  I bring Hope where I am.  I bring Truth.  And when children look My way, I say to you today, ‘I always direct you to Him, for as I kneel at His Feet I pray for you, and when I walk the earth I cannot bear the sins.’

You must look at the Light and prepare yourself so well.  And remember, My daughters, that I walked as you walk, a human being in the world.

The Light that I shine through, I show Francesca Maria,1 a Light of great dimension, the Light that she must give to you.

Remember, My daughters, What was spoken to you.  And remember the overlay that depicts each facet of you.  Offer what you are to Him.  Ask His forgiveness, and know He loves to have you speak to Him, for when you are doing this, He knows your attention is where it will grow in purity, in love, in hope.  And you must know, your physical life is, in many ways, surrounded by your Soul.

Heaven is real.  Heaven is true.  I, Saint Therese of Lisieux, say to you, ‘There is a Place Here for each of you.’  So be it.”

1  Refers to the visionary.

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