ON DECEMBER 18, 1971 AT 2:20 PM


“My children, I am Saint Bernadette, and All the things I have said to you thus far, I want you to remember as you walk in the world among mankind making decisions, of which way you will decide:  to be good, to be bad, or to be indifferent.  Do you understand, My little ones?

Let us, you and I, gather together and talk about going to God.  There are many, many paths to take to reach Him, but some of the paths will give you Greater Glory in Heaven.  Some of them will give you a smaller place.  Some of these paths are rocky, some are smooth, some are happy, some are sad.  The path you will take will be chosen by you and everything you do on this path will be your decision, through your will.

Now let us, you and I, walk a path to God.  Let us pick one that is smooth.  Let us choose a path of happiness and a way in which our lives will bear much fruit.  This path can be for everyone if they choose.  Now, to walk this path we must live our daily lives, we must perform tasks for the physical way.  We must take care of ourselves and we must pray, we must be obedient in every way.  We must trust in God’s Way.

Now, My little ones, we are walking down the path and suddenly there is a great rock in our way.  Do you know who put that rock there for us?  It was the evil one; so now it is time to pray.  Shall we jump over the rock, shall we try to go around the rock, or shall we allow the rock to keep us from going on, God’s Way and in His Way?

And so it is in your life.  There will be many, many rocks no matter which path you choose to take, for as long as you are on the path to God, the evil one will throw in rocks, and you must become so alert in knowing how to cross these rocks, that no rock will make you stop.  The wisest way to handle this situation is to pray, for prayer will either remove the rock or will give you the strength to cross over it and be on your way.  The greatest prayer in the world that you can say is the Holy Rosary every day.

I bless you with God’s Love; and when you feel that prayer is difficult to say, look My Way and I will help you pray.  So be it.”

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