ON DECEMBER 11, 1971 AT 11:48 AM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, you are truly My Creation.  You are truly My Love.  You are truly My most beautiful Gift to the world.  It is true that I speak to you through a child as you.

One day I gave men Rules to live by and man found that as long as he kept these Rules, he felt peace.  My enemy, in his jealousy, his anger, his hate, his envy, has tried to destroy these Rules I gave for all mankind to live by, to stand by, to put their trust in.  The enemy does not want you to enjoy the Paradise I have waiting for you.

The physical you are is so small, My little ones, to the Greatness I have waiting for you.  I have Eternal Love, I have Eternal Peace, I have Eternal Happiness, I have Eternal Joy, I have Eternal Life, as a Gift for each child I created.  I give you the privilege to grow in Grace and I give you the privilege to choose the degree of Sainthood for you.

My Love is so Great, My Love is Divine, My Love is Pure.  Remember, All Things I Am are good for you, and I say to you on this day, ‘Beware of the enemy for he preys in hidden corners, hidden ways, and sometimes he is bold enough to stand out in the open and lure you with deception his way.’

I have again announced Myself so man would know I am Here, so man would feel the security of Me and My Way, so man would know that I stand ready to defend man in every way.  I have spoken through this child many, many times, and each time I give a Message to the world of Great Divine Truth, of Great Importance.

My children, when I created you, you were not a whim of Mine.  I thought much about each creation that was directed to The Divine, and as I speak through one as you, I say, ‘You have the means to come Here one day.’ You have the Rules, and yes, I have given to the world a Sacrament of Truth, a Blessing of Divine Way, and each time a child receives this Gift, The Holy Eucharist, The Holy Trinity is present in a way the child cannot see, but in a way the child knows It’s real.

Oh, My children, be conscious of this Gift I have given to you and be conscious of the Sacrifice that It says, that It shows; and be aware of this Gift My Son gave to you, the physical life, the opening of the gates to Eternal Life, to Eternal Happiness.

As I hold this child, I hold her tight, for My Power comes through her to speak to you, and I use just the right amount of Power, for if I used too much she would vanish before your eyes, and that is how I adjust all things for all children.  Know this, accept this as truth, lean on it, for it will give you courage and strength for all days.

I see so many little ones being taught wrong things.  I see so many not being shown the Divine Way and I see so many children being drawn away from The Holy Eucharist.  If man were to look into My Plan, he would see I have given him the correct things, and many versions of them, so that there could be no excuse to not use them.

As the Power deepens in the child, I transmit through her My Love to each one in My Presence here, and also, to all those who have come to This Miracle designed by Me for a favored Son Who lived as man.  The world must know Him, the world must Honor Him, the world must Revere Him.

Oh, My children, the Example He was, was all truth, complete trust in Me, obedience to My Will; and yet He lived a full life, a happy life, a life in the way of man, just as you must do until Eternity.  There are so many children running around, trying to find new ways to enjoy Me. ‘The greatest,’ I say, ‘is to love The Holy Trinity and to keep the Words I gave, the Rules I drew up one day.’

I have allowed Many Saints to come forward to teach children how to pray, to alert children of the enemy who is all around.  All Heaven is alerted to This Miracle of Divine Way, and The Miracle has been placed in your day, because through this child My Power will show and My Love will reign.  I have chosen a little one as I always have.  You have partaken in a Miracle, and I say, ‘Let the touch of My Voice, the sound of My Words give you strength to always turn My Way.’

I bless you with a Heavenly Love, I bless you with the Heart of The Son, and I bless you with the Light of The Holy Ghost, the Light of Heaven for everyone.  So be it.”

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