ON AUGUST 10, 2000 AT 12:53 PM


Saint Justin, Saint Ambrose, Saint Philomena, Saint Bernadette, Saint Aloysius, and yes, Saint Maria Goretti.

“The Father allows Us to gather to speak through This Gift of His Divine Love.  True, Our backgrounds in human life were different in many ways, and yet Our desire to please Him was of the utmost importance, because you see, the Gift of human life is a Treasure to behold, and one in which each human being should strive to make human life reach its Goal.  In the ordinary way of every day, it is almost a necessary way to do things to achieve what one wants; also, to achieve a higher place, whether it be work, or even in a family way.

This Gift of The Father’s Love for all of mankind is truly a Gift of Love from The Divine.  Children must be instructed verbally, continuously on the Goal for human life, for you see, to reach a Goal of This Greatness is important for the Soul, not just the mind.

Today, as We All gather through This Precious Gift The Father has given to the world, We All want everyone who walks the human way to desire to return to The Father, Pure in every way.

Granted, there are so many temptations that are abusive to the Soul, but each human mind has the ability to say ‘No’ because of the Importance of what human life was created for, and that is the Ultimate Goal.  Too little is being instructed to the young and to the old, on the Importance of the Soul that The Father has placed within each human role, a Portion of Himself to be returned to Him at a given time, given place.

The world has been Blessed by This Miracle of Divine Love, and it is important that all ages, all colors, all creeds, be able to read the Words personally, so they can make a choice of what they will to do — become ‘a Saint’, or please the enemy.

It is important for This Miracle of The Father’s Love to pass throughout the world.  There is no place like ‘this’ that We can tell others to go to, because The Father has Blessed ‘this place’ with His Love and Words.  So be it.”

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