ON AUGUST 22, 2000 AT 1:02 PM


There are Three Saints:  Saint Elizabeth, Saint John of The Cross, Saint Philomena.

“A child stands in the midst of terror.  It is a sadness to see, because those who are creating the terror are abusive in the way they think.  Some who read My Words might say, ‘Why would a condition like this be in our day?’

Throughout the world at this moment, there are thousands of children being terrorized by those they depend upon.  There are thousands of children being abused morally, mentally, physically.  There are thousands of children standing on the abyss of total disaster, because of the lack of sound constructive instruction.

The Father has given to the world a Gift beyond what mankind understands It to be.  It is a Gift of constant alerting all ages to be aware of demonic things.  Some might say, ‘I don’t feel the devil near me.’ That’s possible, but I ask these individuals: ‘How do you act?  How do you think?  Are you morally sound, or do you reject The Commandments of God?’

Today is an important day, as each day is, because each day in the life of a human being is a day of progress if it is chosen by the individual to be that way.  Some only consider progress if it is monetary or mentally pleasing to them, but progress has many definitions based on moral behavior, kindness, goodness in how one treats others, and yes, how one uses The Commandments to live by, in each way specified to be moral.

There is a Commandment; it is oftentimes misunderstood, and that is: Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother.  This Commandment logically means The Heavenly Mother and Father first, because then all things of a pure nature will follow in one’s actions, one’s thinking, and how one instructs others by their very being.

Needless to say, All of Us Here in the Heavens want every Soul on the earth to come right Here when the time comes for the physical to end, not wanting any Soul, of course, to have to pay a price, a penance for the actions of the one in whom It was placed at the moment of his or her conception.

When We hear people doubt This Gift of The Father’s Love, it gives Us a sadness, because there is no logical reason to not understand that to be born in the human way has a Purpose, a Goal, a Reason, a Need.

As I leave you, I beseech you to remember one thing:  As human beings want success, it is an innate feeling within even the very young, so do not forget, you must remember to become ‘a Saint’ is the Ultimate Success for the time that you spent living as a human being.

There is so much to speak about, and so Many Saints Here in the Heavens do not want one Soul to have to make reparation for the human mistakes that were boldly accepted, given, practiced.

Please remember this, because you are the custodian of a Soul that wants to go to Heaven, to return to The Father from Where It came, and He awaits each Soul by the name of the one in whom It was in human life.  So be it.”

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