ON JULY 14, 1999 AT 2:02 PM


“I am Saint Anna Maria Goretti.  I do not speak openly oftentimes, but there are many times The Heavenly Father allows Me to speak through conversation in This Gift of His Divine Love, in Whom The Beloved Holy Spirit of The Father is present at all times.

It is difficult for All of Us Here in the Heavens to hear so many contradictions, and even misgivings, on a Gift of This Importance, so Personal to every living human being, with Direction, with Instruction, with Encouragement and with Love, constantly instructing on the Importance of human life, and What it contains; by this, I mean a Heavenly Portion called ‘the Soul’.

Today as I speak, it is with much concern for the little ones of the age groups that are oftentimes told what to do, or ignored in what they are doing, rarely being instructed on issues, on facts regarding the importance of being pure in their mind, being truthful, and ignoring what is evil, what is wrong, for their mental, their physical, or their Soul.

It is sad when We see so many of all ages not truly understand that human life was created according to The Father’s Will and Plan.  It is taught many times that mankind is created to the Image and Likeness of The Beloved King of kings.  We hear some say: ‘What can this mean?  How am I supposed to understand this?’ The answer is simple:  Stand in dignity and always remember that human life is a Gift of Divine Love, and has a Goal that nothing else created has; it being so Special, so Important, so different, should alert all ages of human life to the Importance of this Gift, this privilege, that has a Goal because of that unseen Portion in it that is a Portion of The Creator, called ‘the Soul’.

There are no instructions throughout the world such as These that pass through one voice because, as in the past, The Father uses ‘one Soul, one individual’, to create the atmosphere, the means, and the desire for others to more fully understand that human life is a Gift of Divine Love, and as this Gift is so Important to the human life, there has to be a Portion within it that nothing else has.  This, of course, is called ‘the Soul’.

Time, in many ways, will allow This Miracle of Divine Love, named after ‘The Beloved Saint Joseph’, help men, women and children of all ages to more fully understand, that as Saint Joseph is known as ‘The Foster Father of The Son of God’, He had to be More than man.

As human beings speak about the Spirit of giving, the Spirit of love, the Spirit of hope, and of course, many other terms regarding the Spirit, The Greatest Spirit in the world is The Holy Spirit of God, and It is His Spirit that has given to the world All the Revelations, All the Instructions, to instruct on the Importance of human life, and what it was created for.  So be it.”

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