ON JULY 21, 1999 AT 1:31 PM


“I am Saint Catherine Laboure.

The Father, in giving to the world a Miracle of His Divine Love, constantly encourages all of human life to remember that each life is important to Him.  That is why He put into each life, instilled into the conception, a Portion of Himself, and It’s called ‘the Soul’.

We hear so many men, women and children use an expression that has a beauty in it, a meaning in it, when they call each other ‘soul mates’, thus meaning the relationship is close, important, and in many ways the ultimate of connecting two human lives as one in thoughts, in words, in deeds, in actions, and in morality.

Today as I speak, I deliver Words of Deep Love, because as One of Us speak through This Gift of Divine Love, it is The Father’s Will that the Words He Decrees to be spoken are to not just comfort all who read Them, but give moral strength, moral courage, and a sincere desire to follow The Father’s Will on all decisions regarding the human actions, the human decisions that each individual is confronted with every day, every hour, on all different occasions.

The world has been Blessed with a Gift of Divine Love, instant Closeness through Words that are to be written so that men, women and children will not have to try to remember the Content, the Reason, the Purpose, the Divine Love, because the memory of an individual most times omits important facts, content and purpose.  Why?  Because the human mind becomes attracted or distracted, because of other subjects that occur in the daily practices, the daily associations with others.

That is why it is so important for millions of men, women and children to receive Our Words in script and not just hear Them, because it would be too difficult to remember the exactness, the Purpose, the Divine Love that is obvious in All that The Father Wills mankind to hear, to be instructed by, so that they can follow in the footsteps of Those Who walked before and became Great Saints because of Their obedience to Divine Love that was passed on to Them for the same reason This Miracle of Divine Love was sent at ‘this time’, delivered through one voice, but scattered throughout the world for all ages, all mentalities, all personalities, all degrees of moral understanding.

We hear many questions sincerely requested.  That is why This Gift of Divine Love is so important to be written and passed throughout the world, because of the Souls that are dependent upon the one in whom They have been instilled at the moment of conception, who will have the opportunity to be knowledgeable on the Importance of what it means to be a human being, holding within themselves an unseen Portion of Divine Love that no other living matter or thing has the privilege of.

I bless you with The Father’s Love, and the Hope of All The Saints Here with Me, that through This Gift of Divine Love, love for The Creator will increase abundantly, because of the Souls that are dependent on the individual in whom They were placed at the moment of conception.

Human life is truly a Gift of Divine Love.  There are so many portions of it that nothing else is the custodian of, and through This Gift, bearing the Name of The Beloved Holy Spirit of God, mankind is learning what a Treasured Gift he or she has been allowed to be closely associated his or her whole life.  So be it.”

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