ON DECEMBER 8, 1998 AT 1:00 PM


“I am God The Father.  As I speak openly on this day in your time, it is for an Important Reason that I want you to think about, and be able to see the Importance of, because of your Soul and the Souls of all human beings that I have created and will create.

Mankind very often denies My Existence because of The Rules that he or she understands to be Mine, that is what you call ‘The Ten Commandments’.  In reality, The Commandments that I gave through ‘an individual’ a long time ago, have in many ways been diminished, so that mankind can easily remember a Portion of each Commandment, leaving out many of the important portions that I instilled in that man called ‘Moses’.

I could speak for a very long time on each Commandment, because it is important for mankind to fully understand that to make things so concise does not give to others the detail, and the points of concern that the Soul is responsible for in each human life.

Today as I speak, I speak through a small voice, but an obedient voice, and it is important that all of mankind be handed a Portion of This Gift, in which so much has been delivered by so Many Who have become Saints and are close to Me in the Heavens.

To mankind, the word ‘Heaven’ is something unbelievable, not understandable, and in some ways inconceivable, but as I speak today through a very small voice, it is to remind mankind of The Commandments I gave through ‘one voice’ a long time ago, never to be forgotten, never to be diminished, never to be shortened, and never to be disobeyed.

As I speak to you today, I speak with a Deep Love for human life.  Logic should tell mankind I would not give a Portion of Myself to anything, unless it had a Great Importance in its Reason for being.

The world has been Blessed by This Gift of My Divine Love, This Miracle that bears the Name of a Son that is and was basically a Portion of Me, in Ways mankind could not conceive.

So many times I hear individuals call My Name and ask for favors.  I hear every request mankind makes to Me.  It is important that mankind, from this point on, be example of all that The Commandments I gave to one man, are received and understood, because That Portion of human life, the Soul, is dependent on the individual’s understanding of why he or she was created, and that I would not have created human life if I did not have a Special Purpose, Reason, or Goal for it.

As I speak through a small voice, I speak with a Commanding Voice.  My Commandments are to be spread in detail, not in conciseness, throughout the world.  I bless you from the Heavens with My Blessing, because as your Soul is a Portion of Me, that makes Me Part of you.  So be it.”

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