ON OCTOBER 15, 1971 AT 11:15 AM


“My children, This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is for all mankind.  Through It, you are being taught the Way to The Divine.  There are many issues, through It, that you should follow to the letter, for as you walk in the worldly way it is so minor, for the little way you walk must lead you to the Heavenly Realm.  There are many things you fight for now, and I say to you, ‘Are they worth the energy you spend and the thought that comes from you?’

Many men call Me ‘The Little Flower’.  I smile at this when I hear them say, ‘She found the Little Way to God.’ It is true, the ‘Little Way’ was Mine, but for many here now in this room, I suggest this way for you.

Ask yourself:  If you walked through a field of flowers, would you knock them down or would you step in places so as to not destroy the flowers?

I will walk in the field with you now.  We will enjoy the beauty, you and I.  Naturally, the color will be stimulating to the eye.  One of us will like red, one will like blue, one will like green, for you see, we are all different.  What we look at appears different to us.  This is good, and that is how you must stand in the world, strong in what you know is truth for you.

Let us walk now, you and I.  Let us gather flowers to place at the Feet of The Holy God.  There are many large flowers in our vision now, and there are many small ones, and the odor from them seems to be greater by far.  We must think logically and we must look at what the bouquet will appear to be when it is full of our pickings for The Divine Three.  One of you will say, ‘I want only roses.’ One of you will say, ‘I like the little flowers for they smell so good to me today.’

Now, when we come to the end of this beautiful garden, you will find all our bouquets are different:  some big, some small, and yet, all a different kind; and so it is with your lives as you walk each day.

When you stand before The Father, the bouquet that you will hand Him will be your way, so I suggest on this day, ‘Do not step over the flowers you think are not for you, but gather those too, along the way, and be sure that the bouquet is as large as you can hold, for in reality, this bouquet will show your love to God alone.’ So, as you lay it at His Feet and you do say to Him, ‘It is my gift to You, God; I picked them, not out of whim but with love, and I gathered as many as I could,’ in reality, this bouquet will be your acts of love.  It will be the service that you rendered every day.  It will also guarantee Sainthood, as Mine did one day.

I bless you with The Father’s Love and with the Grace He gives, and I say, ‘Begin today the bouquet to give to Him, and as you do, remember this:  Keep picking as you go, so you will enjoy the beauty every day.’  So be it.”

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