ON NOVEMBER 19, 1997 AT 1:12 PM


“I am Moses.  When The Father delivered The Commandments to be abided by in Their full meaning, He gave them to me, through me, within me, in full detail.  He also alerted me to the fact that some would find only a portion of each Commandment applicable to their way of life.

The Commandments were not given in such a concise manner, format, degree.  Each Commandment was deliberately elaborated upon, leaving no space, question, to Its full Concept and Meaning, plus Its Purpose.

Today, as We hear mankind of all races, all colors, all creeds, read The Commandments as they see Them now, They are not complete.  Much is missing in concept, in content, in purpose, in reality, because human beings, through their intellect, temperaments, practical knowledge, and understanding of what is right, what is wrong, what is useful, what is abuseful, does not always look at every angle before they act, before they interpret a suggestion, a motion, a cause, a relationship with someone else, or how they themselves respect the Laws of God first, and above all things.

We hear abusive language.  We hear many act unjustly in many areas of human life, justifying all their opinions, their determinations on the full meaning of The Commandments The Father gave for the benefit of the Souls of every living human being to ever be born in the physical life.  Granted, as These Great Directives were spoken, those listening did not put Them in script, but even if they had, the script would have been determined by the language they spoke at that time.  Not all were knowledgeable, but instinctively mankind knew then, as mankind knows now, what is morally right, and what is immoral.

Children are not being instructed on The Commandments.  They are being instructed on the personal opinions of those who are in charge of them, or with others of all ages, because imitation is natural to human life; thus, there are so many sins practiced because individuals cannot always see the value of purity over impurity, justice over injustice, truth over untruths, morality over immorality.

The Father has given to the world a Gift of His Divine Love, allowing mankind to openly hear What We speak, and then directing It to be written, Word for Word, so that others may learn that He has come to the world at This Time, as He did in the Time of Moses, addressing the Importance of What He has placed within every human life, a Portion of Himself, called ‘a Soul’.

So many times We ask The Father, ‘Can We not allow all of mankind to hear Us shout the Importance of human life, for they do not read the Words and apply Them to themselves?’ He says: ‘I do not want to have to do this Your way, for millions could not handle openly the Power of My Way; the physical is not strong enough.  That is why I am giving It to them through so Many Here with Me, that I hope My Love penetrates Every Word so that All will be seen, accepted, followed, according to My Will, because of That Portion of Me that is within each human being.’

Mankind tells another one, ‘I love you.’ These are important words to say and to hear.  The Father, through This Great Miracle of His Divine Love, says to mankind of all ages, all manner of living, all degrees of intelligence, ‘I love you as I speak through Many Saints, because as I do It this way, I, in My Love, desire you to follow, perhaps a Particular Saint that you feel close to, that you feel a particular love for.’ Millions of Words could be written at this moment, but mankind could not read Them All.

A Blessing passes through Me from The Father to you, and each time Another Saint speaks with a Message from Here, it is an Act of Divine Love, helping you to more fully understand that within you, you have a Gift of Divine Love, a Portion of The Father with a simple Name, not difficult to speak, called ‘the Soul’.”

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