ON APRIL 15, 1997 AT 1:47 PM


“I am Saint Constantine.

Mankind can be assured Miracles do happen in many degrees, and in many areas of life.  One of the greatest Miracles evident in the life of mankind can be an individual dedicating his or her life to a service, helping everyone they meet, everyone they come in contact with, in some form, some way, for some reason; helping others to see goodness, values, truths, respect and love.

There are so many ways for an individual to be great example of what God expects mankind to do, to be like, and to be evident of purity in many forms, some through speech, some through instructing others on The Commandments of God, proving the Existence of God, and the importance of recognizing the Fact that mankind is a Creation of God, and God’s Love for this Creation gave The Rules to live by, showing mankind His Closeness, and that He was Ever Watchful of every move, every thought, every deed, and these were all registered in a Particular Portion of every living human being, by way of the Soul that is instilled at the moment of conception by God, making human creation separate from all other living things.

Mankind has been given a Miracle of Instruction, not the first time in the History of mankind, but This Divine Gift covers every facet of human life, every degree of mentality, and will go down historically just as the Bible was for so many years a guideline, but in many ways This Miracle of The Father’s Love is more clearly stated, so that mankind can relate to the subjects, and find in the subjects topics that mankind is part of, in many ways responsible for, even addicted to, through the mental and physical actions, sensitivities, abilities, and understanding.

The Father has given to mankind so much to learn from, learn about, and These Lessons must all be translated so they are understandable to all degrees of mentalities, and of course, all ages.

It is sad when We hear someone say, ‘I do not understand why the word “kill” in The Commandments was even spoken, because most of us do not kill anyone, so I feel in reminding myself of The Commandments, this one does not mean me.’ This is sad, because in the conciseness that These Commandments have been made to look so short in meaning, there is very little instruction on elaborating on the full meaning that was intended when The Commandments were given.

I bless those who take the time to help in This Great Miracle that has been given to mankind, because of the Importance of human life, and the Love The Father has for this Gift of life, because of the Soul that is an Important Part of every living human being.  So be it.”

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