ON APRIL 28, 1997 AT 3:12 PM


“I am Saint Robert Bellarmine.

In illness mankind chooses advice from a professional source; that is, when it is regarding physical or sometimes a mental disorder or concern.  Spiritual dilemmas are oftentimes overlooked, disregarded or ignored, or cast aside as, ‘one will think about it at another time’.

I ask you: ‘What is a Spiritual disorder?  How would you define it?’ It usually starts with an individual’s lack of understanding of God’s Commandments, not seeing Them for the reality in Their full meaning, in many ways even rejecting the fact that They exist.

A Commandment, when it is openly thought about, usually is associated with one’s own way of life, one’s own habits, or the company they keep, or how they practice morals.  We hear some dwell on ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill,’ and they automatically say, ‘I have never killed anybody, so that Commandment is not for me.’

Then We hear others say, ‘The Sixth Commandment, no need to think about that one, because I do not commit adultery in the sense I know adultery to be.’ Let us elaborate a little on this one.  Adultery has many facets to it, and can be committed in different ways.  It is also a sin that is suggestive by a mere word or two; also, adultery is practiced for monetary measures, totally ignoring how offensive it is to the Soul of the individual or individuals.  It is, many times, not considered offensive to God, and accepted as a natural act of human life, need for human life, ignoring totally the moral aspect of this act.

There are so many excuses that mankind can conjure up, justifying sins against each Commandment.

Another one, very often abused is ‘Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother.’ This Commandment is usually thought of regarding the human mother and father, ignoring totally The Divine Mother and Father.

We hear some say, ‘I don’t kill anyone, I wouldn’t dare.’ There are many ways to kill another human being.  The list is endless, for just a few indications of killing:  One can be so disrespectful; plus, gossip can kill the name, the respect, and many other facets of human life.  Lies about an individual can cause much harm, having others see wrong instead of the truth about man, woman or child, whichever one they are doing these things to.

How many deny they do honor strange gods?  Financial gain, very often precedes all truths, honesty, and moral measures, issues, concerns.

The Commandment ‘Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor,’ jealousy prevails here many times, anger, a lack of understanding, a lack of caring, and this too, like all other Commandments, has a list of wrongdoings by some very self-righteous, dignified men, women and children.

What I have to say is extensive on every Commandment.  It is important that mankind remind himself or herself each day that an examination of his or her conscience is not just practical, but a Gift to his or her Soul, especially when the individual makes no excuses for their faults, only declares to be committed to change, and to remember God’s Commandments as The Cornerstone of human life.  So much could be spoken on The Commandments of God.

Mankind, in many ways, is ignoring what The Commandments mean and why They were given, and still remain.  More will be spoken on this subject, because mankind was given a Great Gift by The Father, and this Gift has never been allowed to be ignored, because God’s Commandments are in many ways The Rules for Life Hereafter.”

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