ON JUNE 24, 1997 AT 1:19 PM


“I am Saint Ignatius Loyola.

At this time throughout the world so many educational facts are being diminished, because of the influx of so much diabolical interference by those who do not see the importance of instruction being delivered and practiced on the foundation of ideals rather than humanism, or I should say, just humanistic practices.

It is important for mankind to know that though there are many devoted to shouting out their theories on the contents of the Bible, I have come to make you aware, and request that you be the instrument of awareness to others, that all that is occurring in the name of religion, spirituality, is not based on truths, facts, but the interpretations of those who want attention, want others to hold them in esteem.

Children of all ages are not being taught, shown the importance of using prayer as a communication between themselves and The Divine.  So much is being ignored that is valuable to the daily life of every human being, and that is the personal communication every individual has the right to, without someone interceding, leading them, instructing them in what to say, how to say it.

Let us look at one Commandment, ‘I Am The Lord Thy God; Thou Shalt Not Have strange gods Before Me.’ How many individuals, knowing The Commandments, do not understand the full meaning of each Commandment?  Two words, ‘strange gods’ has many definitions.  One mainly is obedience to the wrong authority.  This can be one who chooses a Spiritual vocation, or someone the individual leans on for moral direction, moral guidance, and to imitate this individual because of how this individual presents himself or herself as being the epitome of understanding what The Divine is all about.

We hear children of all ages asking for help, pleading for assistance, and they find themselves totally alone, with no direction except to depend upon their own abilities, own theories.

Strange gods come in many forms, and there are many of such ones who are godless in their actions, their thinking, their performance, their practices, their beliefs.

You do live in a time of much confusion, and yes, in many ways equal to, or sometimes worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  Sin is prevalent throughout the world, all forms.  There is no Commandment of God that I can say is practiced to its fullest degree of instruction.  The Father’s Commandments are rarely thought about, if ever, and are rarely instructed on by those who claim to be professional religious instructors.

The time has come throughout the world for mankind to awaken to the Importance of human life, because of the Soul that is within each human life.

When a human being gets a physical problem they look for medical advice, protection, help.  I say to you: ‘You must understand that prayer sincerely practiced is an armor that you cannot see, but this armor is for the benefit of your Soul, that no medical professor of any degree can help you with, and those who have degrees in theology cannot walk with you every moment, instruct you constantly, because you see, they too have a Soul, and they must, many times, be reminded of this Fact, that they are responsible to God as well as you, and you must see your daily life as being on a path to a Greater Life that you are responsible for, and have the ability to accomplish.’  So be it.”

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