ON AUGUST 20, 1997 AT 2:18 PM


“I am Saint Stanislaus.

Today, as I look at mankind in all areas of abilities, talents, I see so much waste, due to the fact that mankind ignores some very important facets of the Gift that many have been endowed with since birth.

There are so many distractions in life, and it is sad to see so many ignore beneficial places, talents, that would benefit them morally, mentally, psychologically, spiritually.  It is also sad to see individuals be attracted to what they feel that others are capable of doing, and they ignore what they are capable of doing, that in value is superior to what they are admiring in someone else.

Men, women and children look in the mirror, and they see only what is evident physically, thus ignoring the importance and the benefits of what they are mentally capable of accomplishing.  Also, the mirror does not show to them their Soul, and oftentimes We try to encourage them, silently of course, to look at themselves as God sees them, not just as they see themselves or others see them.  A mirror has many benefits, because it allows an individual to see what their physical appearance shows to others, but today I ask each one who will read My Words to remember, that as a mirror reflects the physical, God’s Love is ever aware of what each Soul looks like at that particular time.

Most men, women and children never think of the Soul, because they feel and see and understand that the Soul is not evident, and that only their physical is what counts.  This, of course, must change.  The Father is fully aware of what each one’s Soul looks like every moment of every day, because the Soul is a Portion of Him, and everything that reflects in an individual’s Soul touches Him in a way, in a manner, not understandable to man’s mentality, but nevertheless, it is a Fact.

When an individual says a prayer silently, asking for a favor, he or she feels that they are in contact immediately, and they are being heard for whatever they are in need of, or desiring help for.  Think about this, and see the rational understanding that man has with The Divine every moment of every day.  Then does it not sound reasonable that if this communication is so immediate, would not God be aware of the condition of an individual’s Soul at all times?  The connection is obvious, the realization obvious.  As man says, ‘Logic speaks for itself.’

We hear a short prayer.  Sometimes it is just a plea for a small item, a small favor.  Other times it is heard with a desperation, a begging for something good to happen, to be accomplished.  All prayers are heard, because as man communicates with man, man does not always get an immediate reply, but every plea to God, every prayer, every request is heard, and is answered in the manner The Father decrees to be best at that time.

Faith in God is a Gift of Divine Love, and those who feel they do not have it, miss so much in Companionship, in Hope.  Mankind must learn that at the moment of conception every human being has a Closeness with God that no other living thing has.

The Father, in creating human life, instilled into each human life Something of Himself, giving to mankind the desire that nothing else has, and that is to live Forever in a Greater State of Being.  Mankind must remember the fear of being lost is a natural feeling.  Remember every day to apply this to your life, through your Soul that is a Portion of God.

Human beings have so many things to be thankful for.  Abilities abound in every human life.  Even when they are not seen, they are there to be used in some form, some manner, some way, some degree.  Mankind, in the design The Father so generously gave, was to give mankind sight, hearing, motions, the ability to think, to learn, to practice in many areas physical aspects; also, to be able to use all that an individual has, to return to God in a state wherein the Soul is not just the Communication, but the Representative of the individual when the time comes.

This Miracle has instructed mankind in so many Personal Ways on the Beauty of What man has that is Part of God.  Mankind often forgets, or ignores, or rejects the Personal Communication that he or she always has with The Holy Trinity.  The Soul, though an individual cannot hear It, many times influences the individual to choose what is best, and the individual takes all the credit.  This, of course, is in The Father’s Plan, giving to mankind the ability of decision, the ability to choose.

So many Blessings abound through The Gift The Father has given to mankind, in so many Personal Instructions, allowing so Many Saints to speak in Their manner or style of understanding human life.  Every Message delivered is an Open Blessing to remind mankind that God is Ever Present, and every human being has a Portion of Him within them.  So be it.”

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