ON JUNE 27, 1996 AT 1:45 PM


“I am Saint Elizabeth of Hungary.  It is a beautiful sight I see on This Side Where I am, and when The Father Wills that One of Us speak through This Gift of His Divine Love to mankind, We All share in Everything that is to be spoken for the good of mankind.

Children are not being taught what a Beautiful Gift of Divine Love human life is.  Sometimes when books are read that are not always facts but imagination of the writer, a great impact is felt by the reader.  The impact says enjoyment or an awareness of what others have experienced, and there is a deep mark left on the memory of the reader.

Today, all ages are being exposed to many forms of activities, interests, entertainment, that are definitely detrimental to the purity of the mind and the body, and the recipient of these things is the Soul that each living human being has been gifted with.

The Soul, as a Portion of The Father, is given in a Pure State at the moment of conception, and this Soul is the recipient of all that occurs through the individual during the individual’s time of life.

The Reason for God’s Commandments were to give mankind His Personal Direction, because of the Soul that is the recipient of all that an individual participates in or does willfully through the human way of living.

Let us go now to one of The Commandments.  We could speak hours on each Commandment because each one, in its full meaning, covers many areas of mankind’s thinking, actions, responsibilities, and example to others.

The Commandment I would like to mention is, ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal.’ I can already tell you that those who will read this Commandment out loud will deny the fact that they ever participated in stealing, because they associate this word, this act, only in the way they can relate to.

There are many forms of stealing that are rarely thought of in this word.  Ask yourself: ‘Did I ever steal the dignity of another human being by lying about them, by lying to them, by speaking in a manner to them that was impure, demeaning?  Or did I ever steal a personal item from someone, not really thinking I was stealing, but I borrowed it and never returned it?’

Volumes could be written on how many sins could be committed against this one Commandment that mankind deals with in many ways.

God’s Commandments are not being instructed on in Their fullest measure to any age group, and it is important that mankind of all cultures, all ages, begin to look at These Commandments personally, individually, characteristically, because there is so much humanism throughout the world and These Commandments, if looked upon, looked at in Their in-depth meaning, there will be fewer sins violating the purity of one’s Soul.

Many times, when What We have spoken has passed on to others, We are fully aware that the individual or individuals are reading What We spoke, but their interpretations very often omit their behavior and they look at It in such a general form, and almost as if the Words were meant for another time, other people.

This is a sadness, because This Miracle in which I speak and Others speak, has been given to mankind to awaken, to alert the human mind, the human actions of an individual or individuals, to the importance of everything they do, they say, because of the Soul that is the recipient of the individual’s motives, ideas, practices, and understanding of the importance of purity of mind and body for the protection of the Soul that they were gifted with at the moment of conception.  So be it.”

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