ON OCTOBER 23, 1996 AT 11:42 AM


“I am Saint Joachim.  I do not speak many times mentioning My Name, but I oftentimes speak in what man terms ‘appears as like conversation’.

This Gift of The Father’s is in many ways deliberately Personal, so that no individual can feel that each Revelation is not for them.  The Father, in His Design of mankind, thought of every area that would give to mankind a practical, logical source, using the physical, the mental, the moral, on all issues, on all subjects, in all areas of human life.

When I speak to you at this time, in this manner, I speak with The Father’s Love, His Direction, His Instruction, because human life has an Ultimate Purpose, Goal, Intention.  Human life, in every way, is different than any other living thing, because human life has a Soul.

In the time that I lived upon the earth, we were not instructed as Personally as you are today.  Our lifestyle was different and our educational practices in learning were different, but we were fully aware that human life was different than any other living thing.  It was innate in us to feel that in the difference that human life showed from everything else that surrounded us, we felt the purpose, the need, the necessity for moral views, moral standards, moral behavior, had to have an important role.  We were not instructed as you are today.  We lived in a different order of daily life.

Your time in many ways has a definite order to it, which should help you understand the Importance of being human and that it has a Goal for which it was created.  The benefits of your time morally, physically, spiritually, psychologically, are far more beneficial than when I lived.

It is difficult for many who hear of This Miracle to fathom the Magnitude of Its Purpose and the Greatness of the Love that delivers It.  Many times you hear of historical events and they are captured by how an individual sees them and can express them.

The lives of those living today should be able to become ‘Great Saints’, because of the generosity in the comforts that mankind is subjected to, allowed to have.  It is so much easier to understand Truth, Divine Love, when there is order, system, and a logical judgment of what is occurring regarding man’s thinking, man’s actions, and man’s belief in God.

This Miracle has delivered so much on the Soul that is placed at the moment of conception.  This subject was covered in the past, but not in the same loving, deliberate, kind way that it has been through This Miracle The Father has given through His Holy Spirit, allowing so Many Saints to partake, encouraging mankind to more fully understand what a Precious Gift human life is, and the Love He has instilled in it, through a Portion of Him that every individual living human being has.

Each day men, women and children should pray; not all do, but the prayers should thank The Father for the Soul, because the Soul within each human life is His Gift of Divine Love at the moment of conception.  So be it.”

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