ON FEBRUARY 27, 1997 AT 12:02 PM


“I am Saint Barbara.

Mankind does not realize the Importance of The Father’s Commandments, or the Reason for which They were so deliberately given to an individual human being on top of a great mountain.

Few people realize that each Commandment was given to him in the fullest degree of its meaning, so when he walked away from the spot, the place, that part of the mountain, his mind and his Soul was full of Grace.  As he walked back to the people, he knew what he had to say would be difficult for some to accept and obey, because in the human mind there is the ability to discern according to the knowledge of the individual, the understanding of the individual, what is meant by what they hear, what they see, what they learn.

You live in a time when These Commandments are practically erased in Their full meaning.  Even in Their conciseness They are rarely spoken about.  Through This Gift of The Father’s, This Miracle of Divine Love that bears the Name of The Holy Spirit of God, gives to you and all of mankind not just an introduction, but the Definitions in detail, in a complete way, so there can be no misunderstanding, misconstruing what each one was given in its full meaning.

When The Father said to Moses, ‘Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery,’ Moses knew at that time that this was one of the greatest offenses against purity.  At this time in which you live, it is yet one of the greatest offenses against the Soul of many men and women, even some children.  We hear mankind say, ‘It is a natural act of life,’ but they omit one very important issue:  This act of life had a meaning for life, and mankind must understand that so many sins daily are practiced quietly, and even violently, against this Commandment.

As each Commandment was delivered by The Father, it was talked on extensively, and then the Instruction for Moses to give it to others was defined in such a manner, that all who would be present at that time would understand the full meaning.

It is sad now at your time, that the conciseness of The Commandments of God leave little to understand regarding the Purpose for which They were given, or that part of human life that each one pertains to.  The Commandment The Father began with was, of course, the Commandment of Introduction: ‘I Am The Lord Thy God; Thou Shalt Not Have strange gods Before Me.’

I ask those who read These Words to examine their own conscience on what they put before God in their daily life.  How many things do they practice that put God last, and their own selfishness, their own egos, their own possessiveness, or their own vile understanding against Purity, Love, Faith and Hope.

What I am saying to you now is short in content, because it would be difficult for mankind to take down in the written form the voluminous amount of Information, Direction, that God’s Commandments deserve, and that each human being should know instinctively without question.

More will be spoken on this, but This Lesson, Direction, Truth, should be observed by hundreds, if not thousands, because it is important for the Souls of human beings to be aware, and also to take care of their Soul, and they have The Rules to use, to practice.  There are no excuses available to mankind for sinfulness against the Soul that they are the custodian of from the moment of conception.  So be it.”

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