ON NOVEMBER 17, 1970 AT 10:40 AM


“My daughters, if you were hanging from a ship at sea and your life depended on the strength in your hands, ask yourself, how long could you hang?  For some, it would be a short period of time.  Remember how My Son hung on a tree.  He was unable to let go, unable to die until The Father decreed the time, until enough suffering had gone by.

As you walk in your daily way of life, be sure you have My Rosary in sight.  It will give you strength where nothing else will.  It is also a weapon against evil.  Grow in strength by holding it constantly.  The power of it will guide you, guard you, protect you, and enable you to save your life.  Nothing else has this power, and I have said it again and again.

So many children are ignoring the place it plays in God’s Plan.  Yes, it is true, when My daughters kneel in unison to Honor Me this way, I smile upon them, for what mother does not love to hear her daughters pray.  When My sons kneel, I become emotional, for too few of them accept the Miracle of the power of the Rosary.  Their voices, heavy in tone, are beautiful to hear.  The Father smiles when this occurs and says, ‘Our Lady, Your sons are following My Son’s Way to Here, by recognizing You as The Mother of All.’ Ah yes, My children, it is such beauty when We see it Here.

As the child explained, The Miracle of My Spouse is on God’s Power and the Winds of The Holy Ghost.  Recognize more, the Beauty, the Greatness of Him.  Saint Joseph, obedient now to The Father, has accepted the Honor of standing evident to all men.  Remember Him, My daughters, and teach others His Name.

And now the Greatest Gift of all, I remind you to take each day.  Be aware of Its Beauty, of the Grandness of It, of the Magnificence It is, and never deny yourself the taking of It, The Holy Eucharist, the Ultimate to you, the benefits too numerous to begin to explain to you.

So as this day is one for you to remember in My Way, remember Saint Joseph and pray.

Surrounding Me Where I am are Angels every day.  The Heavenly Choir sings aloud when Souls do come This Way.  So every act that you perform, dedicate to Here, and give it purpose, give it love, and have Faith that it is Here.  Walk as example, be in truth.  Be firm in your Faith, and by your kindness, showing love God’s Way.  At the end of the physical life all things will add up, and the Graces you will have gained will be a great amount, for remember, as you walk everything you do is seen, is felt, by The Heavenly King.  So let your lives bear much fruit.

The evil one works diligently.  He is selfish, he is mean, he is prideful, and he is good at schemes.  So be aware of how he covers up evil sometimes with beautiful things.

I love you in a way unknown to mankind.  Gain strength, My little ones, in this Rosary of Mine.  Know, too, that its direction comes from The Divine.  What more is there to know about this Rosary of Mine?”

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