ON AUGUST 28, 1995 AT 2:13 PM


“I am Saint Cyprian.  It is a Gift of The Father’s Love, This Miracle that allows so Many of Us to help mankind better understand, more reasonably understand the Importance of human life, and the Reason for which it was created.

It is sad when We hear that so many are not being instructed properly in the Importance of human life and the Goal for which it is intended.  When We hear many speak about ‘Live today; tomorrow will take care of itself,’ this is a common phrase of words to many people, only because they do not want to openly accept responsibilities that are important, because these responsibilities will cause them to be accountable one day for their obedience to The Father’s Commandments.

It has been said before, perhaps in a different way, that The Commandments of God have Great Purpose, and are necessary to man’s daily life.  The degree of each Commandment has been shortened, but instinctively man knows that to obey the basic they have learned, involves much more in a particular area, and that they are responsible for that area that is not spelled out.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you or even suggest it, that they do not know right from wrong.

Many excuses are said to avoid confrontation, and/or to avoid a subject that is not comfortable to speak about, or that the subject involves actions that could be more acceptable because they are not bound by The Rules.  Mankind is very quick to justify many things that at that moment he or she wants to react to, because it is more suitable, more acceptable, more convenient.

The whole world of mankind, no matter what culture, no matter what Spiritual orientation is available to them, refrain from looking at the in-depth meaning of The Rules of The Father.

Right now I could make a list ten feet long and enumerate all the sins that mankind is involved in, and in every way justification is without a doubt the reason for what he or she does.

Let Me take a few:

Incest — how many means and ways is this practiced in your time?  What sin is it against?  What Commandment would you rate it under?

Pornography — the word alone bespeaks wrong, but how many forms of pornography are there, and how many Commandments are sinned against by each one of these acts or actions?

Prostitution — a common word and absolutely acceptable in its worst form.  Is there only one Commandment connected to this sin?  I would say, ‘No.’

Abortion — how many excuses can man make for the killing of a human life, not just excuses, but justification?  And do not forget, there are many man-made rules applied to this act.

Adultery — I show the child a list.  She says: ‘Saint Cyprian, it is so long, so involved, and it is so against purity in so many areas.  How can they all be covered at this time?’

I smile at this child who speaks to Me in this manner, because as I speak, I feel from within her, not emotion, but a fear that I will go on and on and on, and it will be very difficult for some to read, because you see, a few days ago when We were with her, We went through the list that would one day have to be put into script, to alert mankind that no sin is hidden from The Father, no form of sin, no manner of sin.  Sin is worse than any ugly horrible odor that mankind could possibly come in contact with.  It has a stench beyond what man could comprehend.

I say These Words for you to compare what Hell would be like, not just fire burning flesh, but the odor of all sins that have been created throughout the world.  The scene would be horrible, but the stench totally unbearable, even to the lost souls that would be subjected to it continually.

Remember what I have said.  So be it.”

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