ON OCTOBER 16, 1995 AT 4:35 PM


“I am Saint Anthony Claret.  It is a privilege to speak through This Miracle that The Father has designed to help mankind fully understand the Importance of why human life was created, the Beauty in it, and the Goal of it.

We hear so many speak about their prayer life, and sometimes how unsatisfied they are with it.  We also hear many distracted from a sound, logical prayer life by those who preach loudly, according to how they feel prayer should be based on, and what it is all about.

You live in a time wherein mankind is openly talking about evangelization, and many of them, in their desperate need to instruct others, are speaking in a way and a manner that is basically totally humanistic, and they are voicing their own opinions on how they are determining passages to be meant.

The whole world is in a moral chaos, in reality, where immorality is acceptable because of its humanistic values, abilities, and so-called ‘natural’ to the nature of mankind.  This Gift of The Father’s has been available to many hundreds, thousands, for some time, dictating the refinement in which morals should be accepted, practiced, and used in daily living.

Children are not being taught the importance of The Rules The Father gave.  They are being subjected to false interpretations that diminish the meaning of each one, to the point wherein the fullness in how The Father Decreed Them to be is cast aside, ignored totally.

Just to remark about a few: ‘Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery.’ There have been many times in the past where this very serious Commandment was abused in many ways.  Today in your time, mankind has found more abuses than the previous ones, but to add to this, everything is acceptable as normal to man, and is not considered offensive to God.

Another Commandment that is abused daily, and that is, ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill.’ Before this day is over, this Commandment will have been broken thousands of times, intentionally, and perhaps some unintentionally.

It is important for mankind to trust What We speak, and not ignore All that has been delivered through This Miracle that The Father has so generously, openly, deliberately given to mankind, for the sake of the Souls that are being abused in ugly ways because of the weaknesses men, women, and even children are acting out, deliberately ignoring the horror that is taking place, because they do not feel they have taken the life of an individual, but they have acted according to the personality, nature, circumstances, and even blame much of what they do and say on their surroundings.

This Gift of The Father’s is not a passing Gift for just a few, but It is for the whole world of mankind, because of the Importance of the Soul that is a Portion of The Father within each human life.  Never is a child born without a Soul, and this Soul is to be returned to The Father in a State of Purity, not disgrace, not dishonor.

My Words are clear, My Words are meant to be remembered.  So be it.”

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