ON NOVEMBER 14, 1995 AT 3:30 PM


“I am Saint Thomas Aquinas.  So much has been written about the importance of theology by theologians.  It is important for mankind to not be overly concerned over the definitions of theology, but to practice in daily life the importance of sound moral values, sound moral standards, and never forget that these are based on God’s Commandments.

It is amazing how many adults do not realize that God’s Commandments have a deep meaning in each one of Them.  As They are shown now in such a concise manner, makes Them less important, so it is important that mankind of all ages reflect on a more in-depth knowledge of what each Commandment contains.  Granted, every individual’s life will be more prone to disobedience to particular different Commandments.  Some will be more prone to disobeying the Sixth Commandment in all forms of sinfulness against this Commandment, but this Commandment can also be closely connected to the Ninth Commandment, according to the manner of living that an individual practices.

There are those who sin continuously against the Third Commandment, and each time they do, they rationalize the reason that this Commandment is difficult for them to practice, because of circumstances that they are not able to equate their manner of life to.

Then there are those who sin continuously against the Fourth Commandment.  This Commandment does not always register in the individual’s thinking, because they see it in a totally humanistic evaluation.

The Fifth Commandment is rarely thought of as part of the average person’s ability to even conceive, because they say, ‘I have not killed anybody; I have no desire to kill anybody, so that Commandment does not affect me in any way.’

And then the Seventh Commandment is not always considered a personal part of an individual’s life, because they feel that their conscience alone says that they steal from no one, never have, never will, but they automatically ignore what these Words mean in Their fullest measure.

This Gift of The Father’s has deliberately instructed mankind on the importance of His Commandments.  First of all, if someone practices freedom of action, there are many ways they can kill another individual besides taking one’s life.  This same person can commit many sins against the Seventh Commandment, because they innately feel that what belongs to someone else, whether it be material, mental, are abusing this Commandment to a degree beyond what they can personally conceive being done.

There are no real instructions on the dimensions of each of These Commandments at this time in which you live, because mankind takes everything so practical, literal, excusing himself or herself from the in-depth knowledge that is meant by The Commandments, the in-depth meaningfulness of each Commandment.

Children should begin to learn at a very early age that everything they do is important, and that their actions should be monitored by themselves, always keeping in mind that God is always present, and God is as close to them as the Soul within them.  Some might say, ‘No child can understand this.’ I say: ‘If it is done in the right manner, done with the intention that the child has the ability to comprehend, to understand to a degree of his or her own capabilities, the child will begin to understand morality, something that is not talked about, not spoken about, except in something either being right or wrong, usually determined by personal actions or words the individual might be expressive with.’

This Gift of The Father’s is not One to be overlooked, because in every degree of Its Instruction there is something in It for every age, every mentality, and everyone’s personal beliefs, actions, environment.  So many times We hear adults minimize a child’s understanding, and yet the very same child could be complimented continuously on something that is important for the adult to feel that the child excels in.  This could be any number of things:  bouncing a ball, running, learning new words; of course, this list could go on and on.

There is so much humanism, basing everything on what is pleasant to the human side of life.  It is important for mankind of all cultures to see what is important for the Souls that must be returned to The Father.  Some would say, ‘What is a Soul?’ You might be shocked at how many would make this statement.  That is why This Miracle has been given to the world, to instruct mankind on this Great Gift of The Father’s Love that is ‘the victim’ or ‘the victor’ of everything an individual practices, participates in, or says.  So be it.”

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