ON NOVEMBER 16, 1995 AT 3:15 PM


“I am Saint Jude Thaddeus.  At this time with you, I plead with you to not think, to not feel that things cannot change for the better.  It is true, the world is saturated with so many impurities, so much diabolical intercession accepted in many lives that were basically instructed to think more purely, more strongly against all that is vile to the Soul.

Some men, women, and even children act outrageously when they are confronted with disagreement of any kind.  There is little self-control, little understanding.  The world is saturated with violence of all kinds.  Most of the violence is due to a lack of self-control, self-discipline, and a lack of dignity in human life.

I am many times called ‘The Saint of The Impossible’.  To Me this is a Distinguishing Title, because I have always instinctively wanted those who need help to see the positive side of what to expect, to feel the reality in hope, and to strive for sound results.  Many times failure in different things in life is caused by one’s own inability to see the strength in fighting for what one knows is right, is positive, is sound, is good.

This Miracle that The Father has given to the world is directed to a strong Faith in values, in standards, based on purity of the mind, the body and the Soul, strength that has a positive approach, not negative.

So many children are allowed to feel little self-esteem because of the dominance of others.  This must cease.  Children must be taught to feel good about themselves, to recognize their own values, their own abilities, their own strengths, and be able to be firm on how they handle all these things, be firm in dignity, in morality, and in sound practices.  We see so much in a lack of integrity.  Children are not being taught the importance of integrity.

When I hear prayers addressed to Me, and I know that whatever the request is, it is beneficial, I do all I can to help it be accomplished in a way and in a manner, and to a degree that will be totally constructive, eliminating any chance for a destructive input of any kind.

This Miracle The Father has given to the whole world is a Treasure beyond what man can conceive a treasure to be.  Every Saint in Heaven is involved in This Miracle, because of the need throughout the world for all of mankind to be instructed in a strength of action, of prayer, of hope, of living each day rejecting all that is wrong, all that is harmful, all that could in any way cause the Soul to be delayed in returning to God for All Eternity.

The Father’s Commandments must not be ignored in the fullness that They are needed, for all of mankind to understand more fully what each Commandment means.  The conciseness in which They have been brought to be learned at this point, leaves much to be desired, because if you think about a parent saying to a child, when correcting the child, just using the word ‘No’ or ‘Don’t’ leaves an open space that does not make the individual child understand the full reason why they should not do it.  There must be, there should be, there has to be an added explanation.

So it is with The Commandments of The Father. ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal.’ This eliminates many areas wherein this Commandment is, in reality, very meaningful to the particular situation, because the word ‘steal’ can mean many things and should be explained more fully.  This is just one example.

Many times when I hear a prayer that a child wants to be answered, there are many ways to answer the prayer, many degrees in which it would be helpful, but then if it is answered to a degree that is more than the individual can handle, this could be harmful.

All of Us Saints truly enjoy it when prayers come Our Way, because it says more than recognition.  It says that the child or children of any age base their needs on Faith in God’s Will, and are using Us, because their Faith tells them as We once walked upon the earth, We are in understanding, and their words to Us will be answered because of what We are known for, and that The Father has entrusted Us with serving Him through those who believe that We will respond to them.

I add to this: ‘Remember that every human life has a Soul, and that Sainthood is available to all.’  So be it.”

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