ON SEPTEMBER 22, 1992 AT 1:50 PM


“In the midst of mankind, on this day I have taken this child of Mine to a high mountain.  On this mountain there were no roads, there were no paths, for her to be able to use to walk away from Me.  I saw to this Personally.  I described much to her in ways I knew she would fully understand, so in the human way she could pass It All on to other men.

I took one other to the top of a mountain.  It was different than this time in your day.  What I Delivered to her was an explanation of some of what I gave Him that particular time in His day.

Her physical littleness and her delicate nature that I have complete control of, was in many ways physically weakened by What I had to say.  She said, ‘God, many will disagree.’ I smiled at this for He too, the other one, said the same thing to Me she said.

The topic of what I am about to speak on at this moment is ‘Tradition’, and how many times man, in his eagerness to control others, uses Tradition as a strength of position.

Ask yourself:  How much of your beliefs, your actions, your habits, your routines, your rules, your obligations, your heritage, your daily practices or practices devoted to particular times, your family involvements, your businesses, your eating habits, your social practices and involvements, your educational choices, your Spiritual practices, are based on Tradition handed down through time, even hundreds of years?

Mankind does not realize the power Tradition has, even in medical beliefs, the raising of children.  Tradition, in many ways, has a countless number of strengths, demands, unwritten laws, binding it to man.  Moral obligations, family obligations, religious obligations, obedience to those in authority, and much more, can all be termed ‘traditional’.

My Commandments, as the Constitution for Christianity, are the basis for all moral judgments.  When I had that Strong Man on the mountain with Me, I not only delegated responsibility, but I discussed the responsibilities I handed to Him.

Thousands of men, women and children were elected to accept My Rules in a number greater than the number you were taught to accept. Six hundred thirteen Commandments are not a false statement, because in the explanation of the moral judgments attached to My Commandments, I designed and deigned it to be descriptive, so there would be no misunderstanding when an order was given.

What a little one I have chosen in your time, to stand against the odds that I recognize will be.  Do not forget that Moses was the Leader, the physical leader, one man I entrusted all these things to, to stand up to all the personalities, all the differences in values, standards, moral obligations.

Three thousand years later I come to the world.  I have stood her on a mountain.  The small body shook with terror, with obligation, knowing as Moses knew, the weaknesses that would spring out of nowhere, and try to control the situations, the issues, the manifestations, and all the troubled areas that would occur.  It is easy for mankind to be critical.  He feels he does not have the responsibility to stand in strength.

At the time when I elaborated to Moses on what to expect, He too shook with terror, with fear.  He too said: ‘You know they will resist; they are set in their ways.  They do not want to be told what to do.’

I commanded Him, as I have commanded this small body a long time ago, long before man heard about This Miracle of My Love, that I was giving to the world through such a small instrument.

Moses was to teach control, and handle all of the problems, moral issues that would occur.  There were times when He felt gentleness was the way it should be handled, and there were times when He felt verbal strength had to be obvious, because of the obstinacy, the egoism, the fears, the selfishness, and many other things that would be deterrents against the good that was to occur for the benefit of many.

Needless to say, there was a tremendous lack of understanding amongst the people, regarding His responsibility and His obedience that He professed came first to Him.  He realized it would be difficult for them to understand What He had been handed as The Commandments to be passed down through time in such a concise form, yet each Commandment holding within its own degree, tremendous areas, in which man would be involved in, in which man would resist to obey.  Each Commandment I elaborated upon to a degree that man could normally understand.

Man can only retain a certain degree of knowledge, a certain amount of words.  When mankind memorizes a part, a play, a story, it takes the individual time, and that is why This Man was with Me for such a long time.  I could not allow Him to leave until He knew by heart what He would be confronted with, and how He would have to handle it, to instruct them in the Importance of what was correct for them.

Just as in your day, there are many who walk the fence and say, ‘I guess what I heard was true, but then, on the other hand, it does not suit my way of life, my needs; I have a different personality.’ Mankind is guided by background, greed, lust, anger, personal temperaments, goals, education, family ties, values, standards, because mankind places much emphasis on the physical aspects of daily living, monetary aspects.

At that point, when much had to be taught, insisted upon, and no leniency elected or allowed, those who began to see the Value of what had taken place, they stopped resisting, and yet never did their will not have a tremendous part in how they lived at the time.

Many Traditions had to change.  This was difficult for some.  Other Traditions had to begin.  This was difficult for some.  Tradition, when it is sound, basically good, has a tremendous power in it, to have beautiful results.  When I took this little one to the top of the mountain, I described much, and in the innocence of her love, in the reaction of obedience, the responsibility was accepted without question.

I have given the world another Great Blessing through this Miracle of Hope.  I gave The Miracle to Moses a long time ago, and through That Miracle, It was a Miracle of Teaching, of Love, of Hope, because at that time mankind was in great turmoil and headed for total disaster.

I have repeated My Love for mankind in your time.  I have blessed the world with a Miracle very similar to That One a long time ago.  At that time, and this time, the Goal is to save Souls.  So be it.”

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