ON OCTOBER 27, 1969 AT 11:35 AM


“I raise My Fist in the Heavens, but not against those who love Me.  The Fist is a sign of My Power.  The Fist is a sign of My Justness.  The Fist is a sign of My Determination.  The Fist is a sign that I will strike out evil at a given time.  Remember These Words.

And now, the Fist is gone and the doors open on a Vision of All Beauty, All Calm, All Tranquillity, All Love, and when they open, the Heavenly Court is evident to the eye.  The Magnificence of this Sight would be overwhelming and man would be unable to take it.  His limit of visual beauty is contained in a physical way of earthly matters.

I give you this knowledge regarding the Beauty awaiting all men if they will but seek It.  Let them read this Revelation.  Do not hide It from them.  There are many Souls Who will be saved if they will but concentrate from now on, on prayer, sacrifice, and Beauty of the Heavens as their reward for their efforts.

Many children say, ‘I should not pray for reward.’ How foolish they are.  The reward does not come after the first prayer.  Through prayer they will learn My Way, and the more they pray, the more they will grow in love for Me.  This could be termed the beginning of the Beauty of Heaven.

Teach men this way.  Never feel that the man will not listen if you speak to him of Me.  Do not let yourself be the judge; let Me be.  So few children feel they can go forward and tell others of Me.  They forget one thing:  ask Me to go with you and I will give you the Words, the Protection and the Love, such a situation calls for.

There have been millions of Words spoken through this child, by Me, for Me.  Many Saints have given Revelations to help man know more of Me and to come to Me more.  Many have listened and acted thusly, and there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands that are yet to come.  So be it.”

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