ON MAY 15, 1980


“There is no vocation that exempts man or woman from obedience to God’s Commandments.  All through time, men have tried to justify their exposure to people, situations and things, as their not having the option to reject what others draw them into.

Many times people blame their work dependence on being falsely obedient to company authority.  This is nothing but excuse, and it is sad to say, many sins have been committed against God, many impurities have been partaken in because of the fear of losing one’s job, or the fear of being called ‘different’.

God’s Commandments hold, no matter what the situation is, no matter who the people are involved, and no matter how much independence or dependence man feels he must act in and with.

Men put themselves in bondage to other men, and use this against standing up for what they know is right.  It is easier for them to allow someone else to make their decisions for them.  Bullies are made, not born, and bullies are allowed because men are too lazy or fearful to buck them.

The Spiritual commitment of each man must be based on God’s Ten Commandments.  Too few men are willing to speak up when their Spiritual behavior is attacked.  It is time that men of all ages begin to see the Value, the Greatness, the Purpose, for God’s Ten Commandments, and to rely totally on what These Commandments dictate for the good of the Soul.

For three thousand years, God’s Commandments have been evident to man.  The laws of man are based on These Commandments.  The Commandments touch on every facet of man’s life.  They do not conflict in any way with man’s earning power or family authority.  In fact, the Ten Commandments can be called ‘the balancers’ for men to lean upon, to relate to, to obey, so that life in the physical role will have more peace and tranquillity, plus more strength.  The Ten Commandments give hope and stability.

Today, it would be a good time for each of us to go through the Ten Commandments and relate Them to our own life, and to also consider how we offend God in our individual disobedience of some portions or all parts of These Commandments.”

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