ON MAY 15, 1980


“Do I believe all I say?  Is everything I say honest, sincere, truthful, and does it have integrity in its meaning, its direction, its concern, its definition?

We have been given the Gift to speak.  We have developed habits in our speech.  We have a pattern of words that we use consistently.  We return answers to questions that we are asked, and many times our answers are not thought out, but we answer with words that come quickly, easily, or express jealousy, immaturity, possessiveness, disinterest, without taking into consideration how these words will affect the person with whom we are speaking.

This great Gift of communication should be recognized as special to our way of life and to our Goal for life.  Our words can hurt.  Our words can scandalize.  Our words can criticize.  Our words can encourage, entice, amuse.  Isn’t it sad that when we learn to speak we do not learn the effect our speech will have on everyone we meet throughout our life?

A Retreat is a good time to think about our habits of speech and also what changes we can make in our speech that will improve our life.”

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