ON JANUARY 6, 1981


“What is a book?  A book is the container of either fiction, science, fallacy or fact.  There are books that contain anything man can think of:  myth, legend, history, geography, language, and so on, and so on, and so on.

What about the book that God is keeping on each of us?  A complete record, a record of our good and a record of our disobedience, a record wherein and in which our whole life is recorded instantaneously in every act, thought, word and deed we are involved in.  There is no doubt a book is being kept on each of our lives.  Perhaps this book is different than we know a book to be, but if we could understand that our Soul is the Custodian of this book and is responsible to God to record what takes place firsthand, it should make us realize there is a task for this Soul of ours that cannot deny God, positive truth, positive fact, and our Soul, being a Part of God, would make the recording exact.

We say, ‘God would not allow us to be alone.’ Of course not.  We say, ‘God knows all things.’ Of course He does.  We say, ‘Our Guardian Angel protects us.’ To him it is a natural act with Supernatural Commands on our behalf.  What about our Soul?  Is It not the Custodian of our life’s works and actions?  Is It not the Part of us that will return to God, and would It not have some responsibility to God for our moral behavior?  It seems so logical that this Soul that is to return to God in a pure state would also have a function of responsibility, for do not forget, it is the Soul Who will face God for All Eternity.”

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