ON JANUARY 27, 1982


“Many men through time have come up with brilliant Spiritual acclaims.  Some of these have been recorded and can be found in archives and/or in books.  Though brilliant, none of them have the strength, the power in them or the magnitude of reason that God’s Ten Commandments have continued to have for three thousand years.

The balance of life is in These Ten Commandments.  The sole purpose of God’s Ten Commandments was to give mankind positive, realistic Christian ideals, Commands to live by.

Two thousand years ago, The Son of God instituted Christianity as we know it to be.  In the true sense of the word, the real beginning of Christianity was in the giving to Moses by God, His Ten Commandments.  Everything in These Ten Commandments says Christianity.

In our time people are shouting Christianity, but are not living it according to God’s Ten Commandments.  As a Christian, what do you honestly believe in?  What do you guide your everyday living by and with?  We all understand and realize that all through time there have been long periods wherein men have succumbed to moral corruption, acting totally oblivious to a sound moral code of ethics.  People rationalize our time as a time that will also pass and things will get better.  In many ways this conclusion by so many is not the solution God would settle for.  His Ten Commandments are the means to the solution, and the practice of Them by all people is His Solution for correcting offenses against Him and each other.

Let’s look at God’s Ten Commandments in the full meaning and for the full purpose God intended Them for all mankind.  In These Ten Commandments there are key words, key meanings and direct goals.

I.  I Am The Lord Thy God, Thou Shalt Not Have strange gods Before Me.

First of all, there is only One God, and He will not tolerate man falsifying a god of his own making.

II.  Thou Shalt Not Take The Name Of The Lord Thy God In Vain.

Secondly, a lack of respect will not be tolerated by Him.  This common form of desecration is abhorred by Him.

III.  Remember Thou Keep Holy The Sabbath Day.

The next word, time, to pray, to honor, to glorify, to communicate, setting aside a specific time to fulfill an obligation of responsibility to God for the privilege of saving one’s own Soul for the Goal God intended, to be with Him for All Eternity.

In reflecting on this very special Lesson in Christianity, in our human way, we want people to spend time with us so we can share what we are, fulfill our needs, and communicate mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

IV.  Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother.

God gave us this three thousand years ago as a Christian Code of life.  He then pointed out the need to honor and respect Heavenly Parents, earthly parents, and there is no doubt He also meant sound authority, for He in His Wisdom knew that all of us would not always have the privilege of being directed and counseled by our natural heritage, so the term in His Fourth Commandment reached far greater bounds than men have talked about.  Here again, honor, respect, time, obedience are important key words, and, of course, are the foundation for Christianity in Its full meaning.

V.  Thou Shalt Not Kill.

The physical life span of man is to be controlled by God only, because the privilege of the physical life of every man is God’s Will.  Any man or woman who usurps the Authority of God in the destruction of another human being, is offending God, but even more than this, is usurping God’s Decision in the life span of another human being, or in some cases, the spiritually moral values, gains or controls of another human being, many times killing the vital spirit of someone, robbing them of all the advantages God has for that individual.  Through time, men have diminished this Great Commandment down to the impact of one word because Christianity has taught to kill is wrong, so many people take this Commandment in a total literal sense.  God’s Meanings are always much fuller and extend way beyond man’s full comprehension.

VI.  Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery.

VII.  Thou Shalt Not Steal.

VIII.  Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor.

IX.  Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife.

X.  Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Goods.

These five Commandments speak in definite terms of how man, in his personal involvement with other human beings, many times uses a lack of charity, selfishness, permissiveness, self-righteousness and theft, as common abuses against These Commandments, using a ridiculous cliché, ‘It’s the time we live in,’ or ‘It’s a natural or human thing to do.’

Christianity was introduced three thousand years ago.  How come suddenly so many people are shouting they are reborn Christians, but they do not guide their Christianity on God’s Ten Commandments, only on what they feel emotionally or physically?

Spirituality is not a thing men and women should feel is a feeling of exuberance based on a sudden surge of, ‘There is a God and I’m on His Side now,’ but in reality, the stability and ethics that God’s Ten Commandments demand in Their Very Wording eliminates the need for an emotional state of being, and They radiate the standards that men should ‘live by’, displaying practices of virtue, self-control, soundness, and logic.  What men should be saying is:

‘Thank You, God, for making me realize True Christianity is living my daily life with obedience to Your Ten Commandments as my constant way of life.’”

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