ON JANUARY 7, 1983

JANUARY 7, 1983

“All sins are serious, but many sins are mistakenly diminished because they bear the guise of merely an expression of people’s nature, personality and mood.”

“We must take a realistic personal look at how we, in our daily life, can break God’s Commandments.

Perhaps we do not break These Commandments in the ‘manner’ of the ‘one or two words’ in each Commandment that states a forceful manner of action such as false gods, foul language, forgetfulness, dishonor, killing, adultery, stealing, false witness, covet, but our logic and common sense, our very intelligence in right and wrong tells us when our words, thoughts, acts or actions wrongfully abuse what is good and right.  Our behavior as a human being affects our life, other people’s lives, and of course, our Soul.

‘We instinctively justify our personal behavior’, but we must ‘always remember’ that we many, many times leave ‘scars’ that penetrate more than the flesh of another human being.  As we leave such ‘scars’ we cannot forget that ‘scars’ or impure acts, actions, words and deeds, must one day be ‘erased by us’ for the Salvation of our own Soul.

In reviewing our lives, we must not overlook each facet of our life:

Our Intentions in everything we do and how our intentions have affected our behavior.

Our Moral Code of our different senses.  Also, has one of our senses been the instrument of impurity more than the others?

Our Self-Love, does it override and overrule all other areas of our life in dealing with other people, denying them their just due?

How does our Overall Way of Life show up on the scale of life?

Is it something to be proud of?

Is it something that needs improvement?

Is it something that needs some real change?

Is it something that has gone so far that it seems hopeless?

It doesn’t take a second party to tell us what we’re really like.  After all, we designed our own temperament, our own behavioral habits, and our own moral code of ethics.

God’s Ten Commandments are the purest, surest way for Sainthood.  We all have Them.  We all must use Them to guide us in the direction God intended for our Souls to return to Him.

Remember, man’s nature and personality are only the headings over which lies the real culprits that trigger the moral code of ethics followed, using the nature and personality as the front.  These, of course, can be the distraction or attraction man uses to fulfill the impure or pure acts or action.

Serious Sinning Is Based On,

And Developed Through

A Lack Of Self-Control

And Self-Discipline.

The Following Areas Of Human Failure

That Are Truly Serious In Many Ways

Should Be Seen For How Deeply

They ‘Scar’ One’s Soul

And The Souls Of Others.

Tongue Lashings

Most times only release anger and have no real basis for their ‘killing’ remarks that for the most part settle nothing and only vent emotional frustration.

Oftentimes ‘tongue lashings’ kill the spirit, the hope, the decency, the real intent of the recipient, never allowing truth to be seen.

‘Tongue Lashings’ many times only support a disgruntled, hurt or selfish human being’s moods.

How many sins have you committed with your vengeful, uncontrollable ‘tongue lashings’?

That many?

Feeble Excuses

These sins cause others many unnecessary problems.

To avoid responsibilities.

To always declare ‘intimidation’ for weakness.

To constantly ‘lament’ you are a victim of circumstances.

To ‘abuse’ others out of self-defense.

To ‘resist’ cooperating because of laziness.

Unjust Demands

Unreasonable punishments.

Relentless persistence in unnecessary chores.

Verbal abuse to gain control.

Illogical status needs.

Repulsive Habits

Offensive personal uncleanliness that makes closeness a repulsive situation.

Offensive personal untidiness that causes others problems.

Offensive noises that are harmful and needless.

Interrupting to cause another person belittling.

Rudeness that is insulting.

Borrowing and not returning, causing irritation, distrust, anger.

Selfish excuses bordering on lies.

Lying that is harmful to reputations and livelihood.

Cheating that occurs in numerous ways — flesh, monetary, social, name or intellect.





Through a lack of respect.

Through a lack of reason.

Through a lack of justice.

Through a lack of mercy.

Through a lack of understanding.

Through a lack of logic.

Through a lack of human dignity.

Dependence To A Fault

Abusing the privilege of another person’s time.

Unfair, unjust use of money.

None, or little sharing of responsibilities.

Morale Killers

Selfish moods.

Immature demands.

Negative responses.

Consistent pessimism.

Temper tantrums.

Rude manners.

Crude actions or speech.

Lazy attitudes.

Alcoholic dependence.

Drug dependence.

Foul language.





Victimizing others with verbal, emotional, unreasonable outbursts of arrogance, temper, morbid threats, vile innuendoes, brash undeserving punishments.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Perfect values set for someone else.

High standards expected of someone else.

Constant correcting to a nagging or harassing point.”

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