ON JANUARY 7, 1983


JANUARY 7, 1983

“What is the difference between logical change and change for convenience?

In truth, logic is the science of proof.  Convenience is defined as comfort, advantage, accommodation.

Holy Communion in the hand is unreasonable, illogical, and definitely a method of convenience for the clergy in spite of the important issue that Holy Communion on the tongue proves the humility of the receiver and less chance for desecration to this Precious Gift of Love, God Himself.

If a priest has the lame excuse of not liking to look into the mouths of people, why should he be so repulsed by his important part in feeding God’s little ones God Himself?

Certainly the physical physician, dedicated to helping mankind, sees many more upsetting episodes beyond the tongue and he is not holding God in his hand.

Serving God is such an ultimate professional way of life.  Helping mankind in a physical way is a privilege in an ultimate professional way of life.  Both have their ‘ups’ and ‘downs’, but priests or doctors are human in every aspect of living.

Professional people in all vocations of life cannot like all aspects of their livelihood, but logic shouts out loud that to serve God humbly, respectfully, and dignified, is the finest example any man can do in this life.

Justifying convenience over logic is immaturity rearing its ugly head over responsibility.

Some, not all, priests are shouting obedience to their selfish overtones of personal convenience and personal martyrdom that they feel justifies their adolescent outbursts of reprimanding the faithful who believe in the Importance of the way God intended priests to stand.  God help the weak Roman Catholics who are bending to the ‘spoiled prima donnas’ with clerical positions.

As Roman Catholics, we must not support illogical, egotistical men who are praising themselves and their new thinking instead of praising God and serving Him humbly, reaching out to the faithful, supporting their Faith, and encouraging the faithful to follow God’s Ten Commandments and reach for Sainthood.

How can modern man improve on something that has proven to be strong, unifying and reasonable, unless he makes it more beautiful through pure love, pure example and pure Faith?”

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