ON JANUARY 11, 1980


“Tomorrow I will write down everything I do.  Tomorrow I will write down everything I say.  Tomorrow night I will look it all over, then I will write down what example I feel I was to everyone I was with that day.  I will take my actions and my words and then reflect on what impression I gave.  I will look at these words again, and decide:  Was every word spoken by me worthwhile?  Did it have sincerity in it, respect, dignity?  Did it show charity?  What effect did my actions have on those I spoke to and those I had no words with at all?  Did my actions show I had sound standards, sound values?  Did my actions speak with dignity?

I should make notes on my appearance.  Was it comfortable for others who saw me, or did my clothing embarrass them because of its unkept appearance or its indecency?  I oftentimes forget that what I am, the example I show, leaves with everyone I meet, a mark, a remembrance, a happiness, or even sometimes a hurt.

I must remember, I am not alone in this world, and what I am touches all those who I meet, who I speak to, who I pass on the street.  I must remember that my appearance helps people to remember me, but most of all, bespeaks my values and my standards.  I must also remember that what I speak is heard by many.  I must remember I am not just flesh and blood, but I am a human being with a will, with a Soul, and I have a Purpose for my being.

The next day, when I write down everything, I am sure it will be different, for as I look at all the voids, all the vacancies, all the discrepancies in my makeup, I have a lot of things to change.  So when I write down my actions and my words, I will find in me improvement and sound change.”

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