“Lent is a reminder to each of us, of purification, of the importance of sacrifice, and the necessity to understand that each man is accountable to God for obedience to His Ten Commandments, plus standing up to be counted for the Faith that was given.

So many times Faith is taken for granted, and in spite of the logic an individual is instilled with, all ages make excuses for peer pressure, and saying it is the sign of the times when their Faith is not as it should be.

Today, if men were to bend totally with the sign of the times, responding to peer pressure, man would be on the brink of Hell.

This Lent, make each day draw you closer to God mentally, physically and spiritually.  Remind yourself that purity cannot be gained in an hour, in a day or a year.  Pure thoughts, pure words, pure deeds, pure actions, take time to cultivate so they become a natural reaction or action, rather than a decision that has any consideration in it that would be impure.

Ask yourself these questions every day:

Have I corrected any of my faults or my bad habits today?

Have I listened to impurities in any way?

Have I responded to gossip, jeopardizing someone else’s integrity, dignity or name?

Have I falsified any records?

Have I listened to the suggestions of immoral actions, casting a shadow of temptation on myself or encouraging it in others?

Have I tried to cover up something I felt was off-color, or on the threshold of a grievous sin?

Have I stolen anything:  position, dignity, a monetary means, or even a place in line?

Have I acted indifferently when someone needed help?

Have I been too lazy to act in charity?

Have I looked at today, thanking God for it, and respecting the privilege God gave?

Have I wrongly accused anyone of anything?

Have I been sharp-tongued, angered without cause, only caring about ridding myself of frustration or temper?

Did my immodesty cause anyone to sin, or to react in any manner that delayed them or embarrassed them?

Have I been callous in my dealing with others when they say they are afraid, worried or concerned?

Today, did I become closer to God?

Today, did I make God so much a part of my life that I no longer want to displease Him?”

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