ON FEBRUARY 13, 1980


“Do I recognize sacrilege when I see it?  Do I ever partake in sacrilege?  What indecencies do I partake in?  What indecencies are part of the pattern or habits in my life?

How do I react to impurities of others?  When I act impurely, what are my intentions?  Do I allow my immodesty to appear that I do not see it as immodesty, and it is the other person’s fault if they feel I act immodestly?

Am I indifferent to others who openly commit grievous sins against God?  Am I indifferent to how others’ sins affect me?  Does my indifference to impurities make others, who see me, impure?

Am I suggestive through my manners, my mannerisms, my speech, my appearance?  Do I speak off-color, suggesting that I am open to temptation?

Do I react to temptation nervously, boldly, indifferently, or totally vulnerable, responding wholeheartedly?  Do I reject temptation emphatically?

Do I accept immorality because it is the way others act, think, or are permissive in their whole being?  Why do I accept it?  Am I too weak to show my true thoughts on it?

Do I enjoy people who are vulgar in their speech or their habits?  Why do I keep seeing these people?  Do I enjoy a foulmouthed conversation thrusting only crudeness in every direction?  Do I join in the conversation because I am too weak to walk away, or show my dislike for such talk?

What participation do I take in the action of disgracing others by belittling or encouraging indecencies, to show off, to bully, or to let others know I am game?

At what point do I see sin against God as diabolical?

Do I express self-love in any way, giving others a dim view of my stability, dignity and integrity?  Am I so full of self-love I lack charity?  Am I self-indulgent to the point where only selfishness shows, with no consideration for others’ feelings, needs or necessities?  Am I self-abusive in that I use my whole being improperly, immorally, indecently?  Do I seek only self-satisfaction in my association with others or in my pretended acts of charity?

Am I possessive of people, things, time, in a way that stifles or kills the other person’s personality, nature, dignity, or even their will?  Are my intentions good, but do they omit benefiting someone else?  What standards do I set for myself?  Are they the same for others, or are the standards I set for others unreasonable?

This examination of many parts of daily living must be looked at in the true manner of responsibility each one has for the good of one’s own Soul.”

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