ON JANUARY 28, 1972 AT 8:55 AM


“All the coves on the Hill of Love will be dedicated to Particular Saints, depicting several ways man has walked and can walk, to the Feet of God in Eternity.

One cove is to be dedicated to Mary Magdalene.  This will have Special Graces attached to it to show man that God forgives weakness, and it is up to the will of the child to then follow His Will.  Reward awaits such a child.

Another cove is to be dedicated and to sponsor Saint Dominic.  In this cove much must be revealed about Him, showing children that he walked a natural way and performed God’s Will, placing his will into Divine Way.

Another cove must show Saint John The Baptist.  His role in the way of man is to be picked up for the beauty, the necessity and the purpose it was, it is.  The Sacrament must be shown here for the Greatness it is.  It must draw attention to the purificating effect Baptism covers.

There will be many coves on this Hill of Love, this island for man to retreat to.  You will be Blessed for your Faith in how I would work, you will be Blessed for your love for My Work.  So be it.”

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