ON MAY 13, 1980


“What is the foundation of my Faith?

Is it what I have learned through a catechism?

Is it what I have seen in others’ manner of prayer?

Is it what I have been taught to do?

Is it based on what others have said my Faith should be, or is my Faith something innate in me?

Is my belief in God purely a Gift from Him, giving me the strength to believe He exists, and He is The Creator of all men?

Is my Faith in God developed when I pray, nurtured by the times I spend in devotion to Him, and elaborated upon when I take part in a special ceremony directed to Him?

My Faith feels very real to me, as real as my flesh, as my thinking, as real as the beat of my heart that gives life to me.

I know that my Faith is special.  Don’t ask me why.  It would be hard to explain how I know this.  I know that my Faith in God reveals many things to people I know and I meet.  I instinctively know that my Faith is expressed in my integrity, in my behavior, in my habits, in how I respond to others’ needs.

The foundation of my Faith most certainly has to be a special Love and Gift from God through His Divine Mercy.  I feel it.  I may not always understand it.  I recognize it.  I may not always show it.  I am grateful to God for it.

My Faith in God is what gives me the strength in all my times of need.  My Faith in God is a special Blessing, for when things seem to be out of balance, it is my Faith in Him that strengthens my thinking into reality.

It is always good to thank God for the Blessing of Faith.  We should make it a habit to thank Him in one of the moments of every day, for the Faith to remember that He truly exists and His Love never strays.

Be aware of the Beauty of Faith, the Purpose for It, and the Giver of It, and know that Faith in God is given in the same manner life is given.  His Breath breathes life into the body; His Gift of Faith breathes life into the Soul.”

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