ON MAY 14, 1980


“Call it whatever you think it should be called, but the lack of sound reasoning, the lack of healthy attitudes toward everything, the indifference in people to reject wrong, stand for right, the passiveness to how the world actually is, has put not just the thinking of people into ‘an outside of the atmosphere type lethargy’, but has caused a ‘zombie’ state of life.

Few people are happy.  Few people enjoy the good things of life.  Not everyone is on drugs.  Not everyone is overeducated or undereducated.  Not everyone is rich, nor is everyone poor.

What brought on the ‘zombie’ state of existence, almost forcing people to try to be a part of the uninhibited forces, uninhibited actions, in trying to make life fuller, more exciting, more interesting, more sophisticated?

Let us, each of us, look at ourselves.

How do we approach each day?

How do we protect each day from being wasted?

How do we pass the time of day?

How do we combine our time into covering all the facets of life that will make our life fulfilled in every way?

How do we accept or reject advances towards us from people we know are corrupted, indecent, without morals, and who see only the seedy, depressing side of life, never the healthy, sound, happy side of life?

What do we do with what we are?

How much of it do we spend understanding the Spiritual side of our life?

How much emphasis do we reflect on our Faith in God?

How much emphasis do we put on a well-rounded mental, physical and Spiritual behavioral pattern?

How much do we realize that we must return to God all the things we are, all the things we do, and all the things we have accomplished?

How many times do we see ourselves through the eyes of other people?

Do our actions demand others to treat us with respect?

Do we demand respect, and return nothing to anyone else?

Are we considerate?

Are we impatient?

Are we sincere?

Are we dignified?

Are we hopeful, or are we walking around like a ‘zombie’, expecting everyone else to make our fun for us, give us the strength to do things, or suggest ways for us to live, to think, to see, to move, to act, without using our own will, our line of decision, to make life a fulfilling time with healthy attitudes, direction and goals?”

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