ON MAY 21, 1980


“What makes you tick?

What do others say when they are with you?

What are they subjected to:  your nature, your personality, your ego?

How secure do you feel in your association with other people?

Do you work with people, around people, or stand at a distance, scrutinizing, analyzing, theorizing, criticizing, making yourself not example, but the authority on others, what they are doing, and even why they are doing it?

Are you a self-appointed custodian of others’ lives, others’ intentions, others’ directions, others’ motives, others’ working habits?

Are you just in your actions with others, or do you absolve yourself from any errors and put all the blame on them, correcting them to other people?

Have you ever thought of yourself as a gossip?

If you were to look into every word you say, every act you do, every bit of example you are to others, how would you determine what part of this is your nature, what part of this is your personality, and what part of this is nothing but your ego?

Let’s talk about ego.  Ego is self-love.  Ego is your determination for others, how they should be, and how they aren’t.  Ego kills not just relationships, but it can be termed as one of the greatest sins against the Fifth Commandment of God.  It kills motivation.  It kills intention.  It kills hope.  It kills understanding.  It kills charity.  It kills love.  It kills in others the desire to please you.  It is the wrong example to everyone.  You probably never think of yourself as sinning against the Fifth Commandment, but every time you express, in any way, your ego, you are a detriment to whom you are using, the situation you are partaking in, and you are killing any avenue of progress for others, and believe it or not, even for yourself.

When there is a great danger to life, a disaster takes place upon the earth, a plague occurs, tragedy ensues, ego never comes to anyone’s rescue.  It is the charity in a human being, the understanding of others’ needs, the desire to help against all odds, the use of one’s talents, ability, spontaneously, without thought of one’s self entering into it, that brings order to all situations.

Men who depend upon their self-righteous ego are failures in so many ways.  They kill, they destruct, they demolish, they destroy people, places, situations and things.  To become a Saint, ego can never be present.  Lucifer was full of self-righteousness and self-love.  Though it is difficult to term a spirit of God having these, what we call ‘human qualities or faults’, in reality, in what happened to this trusted angel was in many ways allowed because of its example to us that did remain for all time.

The next time you find you are being run by your ego, it would be good to stop whatever you are doing and force yourself to act in sound charity, correcting this diabolical force that encourages you only to love yourself.  It will take time to correct this vile part of your way of life, but I can only say, ‘It will be worthwhile when you stand before God for your “Final Tribunal”.’

You will not have the privilege or the opportunity to make excuses for yourself.  What each man is in the world is recorded in the Wisdom of God, and God, in His Justice, will judge each one according to how that physical flesh, the physical mind, walked upon the earth, dispensing what would make other men follow in example.

An examination of conscience is not just for everyone else, but for you as an individual human being, as the custodian of an individual Soul of God’s, to return to God the Soul, not as you are causing It to be, but as God Wills It to be, Pure in every Facet of Its Existence.”

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