ON JUNE 18, 1980


“What do I owe God?  For some, this would be difficult to answer, only because of their own self-love, their ego, their inability to realize that they are a beautiful facet of God’s Charity and Love.

God instilled within each human being a will, each man’s line of decision, but oftentimes, the reality of this will is misunderstood, and in taking it for granted, omits the responsibility of this will to respond to the Will of God.

It is truly the will of man that determines what he believes in, what he values his Faith on, and in what manner he will express his Faith in God.  He has the freedom of choice for his actions.  This freedom is based on what he knows, in what he accepts.

It is easy for man to eliminate portions of responsibility when these do not agree with his social obligations, his sensual pleasures that are impure, or his friendships that only encourage him to act against God and God’s Ten Commandments, or his ambitious endeavors.

Look at your obligations, responsibility and personal debt as this:

I owe God service.

I owe God obedience to His Ten Commandments.

I owe God the respect in honoring Him through not allowing sacrilege to be the accepted norm where He is concerned.

I owe God the respect to fight against other men accepting indecencies, blasphemies and debaucheries toward Him.

I owe God my charity to help others to grow spiritually.

I owe God my undivided attention in supporting His Love by handing to me Hope through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, and through the building of The City Of God that will make available to all men not just History, but the opportunity to exercise and renew personal dedication to the Will of God.  I know that everything in this City Of God will encourage men of all colors, all races, all creeds, to pay more Honor to God, to open their eyes to all that God has given us, and to reevaluate where they are going, where they want to go, and what changes they must make in their lives to become a Saint.  Also, The City Of God will give all men the opportunity and environment to glorify God.

I owe God my undivided attention in utilizing my efforts to see to it that His Will be done for the good of mankind.

I owe God all I am, and I owe God for the privilege He has given me to one day become a Saint.

Need you ask now, ‘What do I owe God?’”

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