ON JUNE 9, 1981


“Clothing has changed, furniture has changed, housing has changed, and man’s mode of travel has changed, plus there have been many more such physical changes since time began.  As these changes take place, I do not change, and what I give to man as My Way, My Rules, My Lessons, are for all men.  Also, the calendar is not the method men can use to eradicate or diminish what I have given.

I Am Forever, I Am Eternal, I Have Always Been, I Am The Controller, and I Am The Light of the whole world.  My Words cannot die, They cannot be cast aside, and They cannot be for just one man and not another, because everything I have given man is for the benefit of all men.

My Ten Commandments were passed on through a man.  His name was ‘Moses’.  Moses was an educated man in his time.  He was reared in an atmosphere of wealth and power.  He was loved, not hated.  He was destined to lead people and he had the background to do it.  This was all in My Plan for what I was going to use Moses for.  My Plans for Moses were far superior to any man’s plans for Moses.

In This Miracle Of The Beloved Joseph, I Speak, I Direct, I Teach for not just today, but for all time hereafter.  Many of the things I am teaching now, I have taught before.  Let it be known that My Words are to be on the lips of all men, My Will to be obeyed by all men, and My Ten Commandments to be the Guidelines for all men.”

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