ON JULY 6, 1981


JULY 6, 1981


“What is a Soul?  A Soul is a Portion of God, a Part of God.

What is the importance of the Soul?  Why is the Soul so important?  The Soul is of extreme Importance because the Soul, being a Portion of God, a Part of His Being, it is necessary for this Soul to be returned to God in a ‘Glorified State’ that resulted from a human being serving God in a ‘pure state’, returning the Soul to God as a Saint.

God, in His Pure Love, His Ultimate Generous Divine Charity, made man for the Purpose that man would share Heaven with Him.  The logic that a mortal man could not exist in Heaven made it necessary for God to place a Part of Himself into the creation of each man, thus making it possible for man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven for All Eternity.  It is also logical to believe and to understand that it would then be This Portion of human life that would remain after the physical no longer existed.  This Portion, This Part of God is called ‘the Soul’.

A Soul, as a Part of God, is a Divine Living Entity of man, to man.  This Soul, because It is a Part of God, must return to Him in the manner and in the way God decreed It should be.  The very design of man, created to the Image and Likeness of God, showing the Ultimate Purpose for man in God’s Creation, plus the intellect of man in relation to the Wisdom of God, plus the fact that man has Faith in God, proves that man has a direct communication with God, and it is sheer logic to understand this Communication, this Connection as ‘the Soul’.

It is more than Faith in God that assures man that he has a Soul.  It is the innate understanding that God’s Act of Love to man was Special and is Special, for Its very existence dignifies man’s existence, and permits man to walk a specific, special path for personal gain.

The intellect, the logic, and the Faith in God that man has been instilled with, says the gain for man and the Goal for this gain is Sainthood for the Soul of man.  The Soul becoming a Saint bears the identity of the man who served God for this Purpose.  No other creation of God’s has this Gift, this Blessing, this Promise.

God’s Ten Commandments proved His Love and His Purpose for each man’s life.  God’s Ten Commandments are more than Rules and Commands.  They are a complete Instruction, a complete Direction for man’s behavior in his physical, mental and moral ethics.

The Ten Commandments are not just Guidelines, but in Their very essence are a total and complete map of what paths, what directions, what intentions, should be seen as the flawless, pure way to Sainthood.

God’s Ten Commandments are an Ultimate Gift from God based on moral standards and moral values, with the intention totally for a pure state of being, in spite of all the temptations man may have, in spite of all the problems men may have to face, in spite of all the chaos, the disaster and the turbulence caused by God’s enemy, and man’s enemy, satan.

God’s Ten Commandments are the armor, are the fortresses of Stability, Faith, Purity, and Hope.  Any man who abides by God’s Ten Commandments, holds These Commandments as the Direction in all moral values and all moral standards, has no direction to go other than to become a Saint.

The establishment and institution of Holy Mother Church once again proved God’s Love for mankind.  God’s Motives in this additional Gift, Holy Mother Church, was to supplement His Ten Commandments.  This time He gave to mankind Another Portion, Another Part of Himself so that man would be left with a Physical Means to support his Faith in God and his Purpose for life:  to become a Saint.

God’s Love is no mystery.  God’s Intention for man is no mystery.  Man’s Faith in God proves there is a God, for if there was no God there would be no need for Faith in God.  God does not waste time or energy on ridiculous, unimportant acts or actions.  This tendency is totally man’s nature and personality.”

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