ON JANUARY 17, 1983


JANUARY 17, 1983


“Moses was not a Christian, he was a Hebrew, and yet Moses was entrusted with the very foundation of Christianity, The Ten Commandments.

When Moses received The Ten Commandments from God, Moses’ belief in The Ten Commandments, understanding of The Ten Commandments, and ability to explain The Ten Commandments to mankind was not based on Christian doctrine or dogma, but on sound Faith, sound values and sound standards for life that Moses was not only conscious of, but were innate in Moses so that when God delivered these Ten Commandments to Moses, Moses had the foundation and basic ability to believe soundly without question, the facts, the morals, the values, the reasonings, the need, the purpose, and the resulting rewards that men would gather and obtain in obedience to these Ten Commandments.

A thousand years later, God found the necessity to place upon the earth Parts of Himself to re-establish an explanation of how men should live.  He did this through teaching mankind moral values, moral standards for living; of course, based on His Ten Commandments.  He taught men of all races the Purpose of life, and the need for morality of mind, body and Soul to attain the Purpose for which life was intended:  to be with God for All Eternity.

Christ taught in such a manner:  simple, extensive, and of course, detailed in repetitiveness, instilling in those who heard Him what He wanted them to remember.  In this manner of teaching, He established the format for Christianity.  Of course, this emphasized The Ten Commandments, for The Ten Commandments were the Christian Rules and Criteria for life as God intended it to be.

Between the time God gave mankind The Ten Commandments and approximately the year of 300 A.D., the men involved in patterning the structure of Holy Mother Church were men like you.  The results of their work were naturally gone over and gone through by the men who followed, thus giving the men a basis upon which the beginning was established for all time.  Those who came in authoritative positions in Holy Mother Church accepted what was already formed and then expounded, researched and evaluated the already formation.

Bible History has been handed down for two thousand years.  In many ways it would have been impossible for those who wrote Scripture to be able to detail every episode of their time with Christ, every fraction of every meaning that He spoke of, and of course, through time, interpretation of languages has changed the definitions because as we all know, one word spoken in different languages can produce many different suggestions of meaning.

The men in Holy Mother Church formulated the doctrine and dogma, and it was accepted by particular men as the restrictions and pattern that would be accepted, never allowing any new change or additional information to enter, unless men who were considered eloquent in their abilities to interpret, would find meanings extraordinary and were already perceived by someone else in the Scriptures they relied upon through interpretations.

The practices in Holy Mother Church have been set in a pattern of refusing to allow new Revelation that has logic to it, unless someone who is considered theologically wise, would be able to discern it properly and connect it to the already formulated doctrine and dogma.  In some ways this has been approached with dignity, honor and respect.  In other ways, it has been approached with a clerical lack of Faith in how God would work through time.  Also, this staunch stand has protected the administration of the Organization from having to delve into new introductions that could, or might project more reason, more foundation, more fact, more intelligent stability to the already form of doctrine and dogmas that in no way could have ended with the last Revelation men decided was the last Revelation.

There is no question and there is no doubt that there have been many heretics and many hypocrisies that have wormed their way into the structure of Holy Mother Church, due to the infiltration of demonic traps set to interfere or destroy the precious strength, beauty and perfection God intended for His beloved Church.  Because of this strong fear, men use the doctrine and dogma of Holy Mother Church as a whipping post to Roman Catholics, as a straightjacket for Faith to become biased in.

Time has proven that Revelation has continued through particular people for particular reasons, for the good of each man’s Soul.  There is no doubt that it takes time for such Phenomena to penetrate even minds who feel they are capable of discerning such Phenomena, but we, as Roman Catholics, must understand that logic, sound reasoning and purpose must always be the criteria of our Faith, and we must not be governed by purely man’s determinations.

To some people the words doctrine and dogma are so impressive that they lose sight of the importance of their own Faith in God, and how much this Faith alone can gain Sainthood for them.

Also, do you rely solely upon the wording of the Ten Commandments, overlooking the full meaning of each Commandment and how you must live according to how God intended your actions, thoughts, words and deeds, to use each Commandment for the purification of your Soul?

These Commandments were given not just as frivolous guidelines for men to follow, but for men to see the root of each Commandment, not just what man determines as the surface meaning.

So many people, in learning and memorizing the Catechism that introduced to them the foundation of doctrine and dogma of Holy Mother Church, should not base their whole Faith on this memorization, but should practice in their daily life what this memorization has defined as acceptable to God to further one’s Faith in Him, and combine this catechetical knowledge with God’s Ten Commandments, plus use one’s own intelligence, logic and personal commitment to God, based on sound Faith and sound morals.  This combination is the surest foundation to guide one’s life and become a Saint.

Ask yourself now:  What does your Faith in God consist of?  Do you believe in The Ten Commandments?  If you do, what makes you believe in these Ten Commandments?  You haven’t talked to Moses.  You did not travel to the mountain and be instilled there personally with the Monumental Force of the Power of God’s Light on that mountain.  Does not your belief in These Commandments come from Something from within you?  Is it not logical that this is your Soul?  It cannot be your internal organs.  It is doubtful that it can be your mind alone.  It has to be more than a prayer you know.  It has to be Something within you that you cannot understand, Something that drives you on to think of God at different times.  It has to be Something innate in you to have you know right from wrong immediately.  There is rarely a question as to the right of something or the wrong of something when you have Faith in God and practice this Faith with sound morals.

Our Lord came to the earth and began to teach at a very early age.  He taught in the form of stories because He knew that in this way men could more easily understand the point He was getting across to them.  His Stories were teaching stories pertaining to their present life, and the life that they were promised, if they would uphold the practices of justice, mercy, love, hope, and charity.  He taught them the necessity of communication with The Father.  He instilled in them an order in how to practice Christianity.  The stories He told they could remember, because the stories pertained to everyday living, practical matters, and their Purpose for life.  He gave hope through these stories.  He gave example through these stories.  He directed these stories to the Salvation of their Soul.  He established through His Stories to them the doctrine and dogma that men eventually based Holy Mother Church on.

Today in our time, God is once again reiterating many Stories From Heaven.  These Stories are once again teaching mankind the Purpose of life and what God expects man to be like in his daily living.  The Stories are not about other people and how they became Saints; the Stories are directed to individuals so they can absorb and retain the Direction for them personally, so they can follow what He truly means, emphasizing the freedom of man’s will and the positive thinking that man must have regarding the Salvation of his own Soul.

The Teachings now again are thorough, easy to follow, and of course, profound in Their simplicity.  There is no excuse for anyone to use the excuse that the Stories From Heaven being given in our time cannot be true.  Skepticism is for people who are unable to see the truth of a matter or situation, and many times skepticism drowns out purity because skepticism is full of ego and pride in one’s self.  Skeptics find it an easy out to disclaim truth.

The Miracle Of Saint Joseph is the transmitter of Stories From Heaven delivered once again so that mankind will see the Importance of the Soul, the Reality of the Soul, and the horror and ravage to their Soul that immorality causes.

No man can logically deny purity of thought when it is so obvious.  No man can deny purity in direction, when it is based on sound morals, sound values, sound standards.  No man can deny that God did not create man without reason.  No man can deny that there is no time in History that God has not given man Stories, Direction and Truth, either through obvious measures using individuals to be the transmitters of Phenomena, or verbal Pure Direction.

In our time of life, we know by all the immoralities that satan is running throughout the world hyperactive in encouraging people to indulge in humanistic values, encouraging them to listen to the Bible-speaking evangelists of all creeds, knowing that if people base their Faith totally on the misinterpretations of parables, they will lose out on listening to what their own Soul is telling them is good for them.  Also, in so much concentration on parables, God’s Ten Commandments are set aside.  Parable is fine to learn, but many times difficult to interpret properly.

The Soul of man is more than man has ever learned It to be.  First of all, the goodness that man is aware of comes from more than his intellect.  There has to be Something greater than man’s intellect inspiring man to automatically be drawn to purity.  As we believe that The Holy Spirit of God is constantly in all that is good that surrounds us, that we partake in, that we seek, then how can we not accept that the Soul of ours is a Portion of this Holy Spirit of God?

Every day we are the custodians of our Soul, a Portion of God, and we are guided mentally or physically to automatically understand right from wrong, good from bad, purity from evil, especially on moral issues, but also in the very acts and actions of our daily association with other people.

God has given us everything to become a Saint, to be with Him for All Eternity.  God has given us a free will to make decisions with.  God has established The Rules to live by.  God has established and instituted Christianity.  God has given us the Gift of Faith in Him.  There is nothing left to ask for.  It is up to us to use what we have to return our Soul to Him in purity.”

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