ON SEPTEMBER 2, 1978 AT 10:05 PM


“Many times I have spoken Words of Direction through this child.  I am Saint Bartholomew. This instrument, through which I speak, in which I give Direction to all mankind, I say now to the whole world, ‘The word “Faith” was My Word to speak of a while ago.’ Men in the world do not walk in Faith in The God you know to be.  They are blinded by self-love and they walk in a faith totally of themselves.

There are so many areas of Faith.  Faith is a way of life.  Faith is a strength for life.  Faith is a means of hope.  Faith is a Gift of Love from The Father Above.  Faith is a necessity.  Faith is much a part of life.  Without Faith, men rationalize, analyze, theorize, and depend upon opinion.  Men forget the Act of Faith is a Great Act; the Gift of Faith, a Great Gift.

When a child is conceived, the normal action for this child to come to the world as a human being is accepted in Faith.  Knowledge is evident, but Faith definitely the major way.  Men refuse to accept Faith in the manner God intended.

A long time ago a man was given Rules.  Though he knew These Rules were given direct by The Father, it was this man’s Faith that accepted The Rules, walked with Them, and passed These Rules on for all time.  Men look at his Faith, say it was a Great Faith, admire the Faith.  I, Saint Bartholomew, say, ‘This is good but it would be better if you obeyed The Rules, using your Faith to strive for Sainthood.’

Men omit purity from their lives because they do not have the Faith to believe in The Rules that are so necessary to attain total purity.  Total purity is not out of man’s reach.  The Commandments that were given are The Guidelines, The Rules, The Demands and The Commands, by which, through which men can place their whole being in order, and attain purity as God intended it to be.

Ask yourself, in the moments to come, ‘Are you a child of Faith?’ If you answer ‘Yes,’ you will have to look to this formation of questions to be answered:

First:  Do you accept God as your Creator?

Second:  Do you respect God for Who He Is, What He Is?

Third:  Do you respond to time in His Honor?  Do you reflect all these actions, words and deeds in a manner and a form of Faith?  Do you take a specific time to honor Him?

Fourth:  Does your Honor reflect in all things you do, showing your love for Him in a special way; and through this love, respect for the humans that conceived you, gave birth to you and helped you grow?

Five:  Do you see the beauty of giving hope rather than killing the Spirit, the will, the life and the love of another human being?

Six:  Do you take the time to never abuse the physical, never draw others into sin?  Do you look at the goal of purity as your obligation?  Remember this.

Do you ignore the fact that stealing any thing, through thought, word, deed, action, would cause an impurity to you?  Do you feel that you do all things in the correct manner so that your presence in a room helps rather than steals from another human being, position, time, consideration?

Do you use your mouth in any way, your actions in any manner, against the name of another human being?  Do you scandalize their life in any way?  Do you act hypocritical toward another person?

Do you, in any way, show false attention?

Do you, in any way, intimidate another man, woman, or cause injustice to properties?

Ten Rules toward purity; Ten Commands, easily acted upon; ten ways to become a Saint.

I speak through a child whose voice is barely audible and yet My Words are forced through her for your attention.

A man sits in judgment of this child, totally unaware of the injustice he extends, supports, promotes.  It is too bad this same man could not hear My Words.

I will bless each of you in My Manner, and I repeat to you a very special line: ‘Do you accept Faith in the magnitude it is meant to be?’ I, Saint Bartholomew, say, ‘Faith in The Commandments of God is your path to purity.’

There is so much more to be said through this child, but the Power I must use to reach you is difficult on such a weak body.  The schedule this child has been told about must begin immediately.  She knows this.  The exactness of this schedule is important.  A City is to be built.  Men are to act in Faith and to grow in purity.  The Strings that hold this child in place are as puppet strings, but made with The Father’s Will for all of mankind.  So be it.”

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