ON AUGUST 3, 1973 AT 7:49 PM


“My beloved children, I am Maria Goretti, and many of you pray to Me oftentimes, and many of you do not understand that in prayer you must say, ‘Thy Will be done, my God, not mine.’ You must also better understand that to walk the human way as man is a privilege from The Divine.

Men throughout the world are searching for faults through This Great Miracle.  They are saying, ‘There are none yet.’ But I come to you from the Heavens Where I am and I say, ‘Direction from God does not carry with It faults; It is Perfection, for you see, your Soul is at stake and He wants you to return to Him, to The Holy Trinity.’

Many, many children do not know My Name.  Many, many children say, ‘Oh, God, Who was She?’ I smile at this, for you see, I stand Here in the Heavens and The Father says, ‘Marie, go that way, that way, that way, and teach, help in the Heavenly Way.’

So, oftentimes, when man is in trouble or in error, We Saints are sent to help in a special way.  And We Saints are listening constantly to your prayer, and then We transmit your love from where you are to Here.  And The Father says, ‘Is it for the good of the Soul?’ And sometimes We do look and say, ‘But, Father, the child is standing in meekness, not boldness.’ And The Father says, ‘Is it good for the Soul?’ And We must bow Our head and answer directly, for you see, We walked the human way and We have compassion.  So does He, but His Aim is higher in many ways, for He understands every facet of your being; He understands your will.

And then He oftentimes once again says, ‘Will it lighten the Soul?’ And We, in Love for you, cannot compare to the Love He has for you, and We answer and say, ‘Well, perhaps not all the way, but it will please the child.’ He looks and says: ‘My Justice will be shown.  Now, My Saint, go along.  A child waits on the other side of the world, praying for Someone to come to help.’

So, you see, My children, no prayer goes unheard, and every desire that you have is written Here, not in the manner that you write or perhaps that you understand, but keep in mind that Justice is totally first in God’s Plan, and when He thinks of you, He thinks of the Ultimate Part of you, your Soul.

Children of all races, all colors, all creeds, must come to This Miracle God has Decreed.  They must come openhearted and with open minds, and they must look to the Profoundness of It, the simplicity in which It is given to mankind.

There are many, many children walking around in an ethereal state.  They feel to love The Father they must stand high in thoughts and actions, but when it comes down to it, The Father expects all His children to keep their feet upon the ground, their heart connected with His, and their mind drawing them to Heaven for the Soul’s sake.  So be it.”

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