ON OCTOBER 5, 1973 AT 8:25 PM



Now, let me tell you what I see.  I see a fishing fleet.  The water is very rough and the fishing fleet is moving into shore and all the boats are empty.

There is a man waiting on the shore.  I cannot see him too clearly, for the men are running to him, shouting in many ways.  He’s coming into focus.  It’s Peter, Saint Peter.  He is pointing like this and they said no, they did not go that way.  And He’s pointing that way, and they said no, they did not go that way.  They had all gone to the left.  And so He says: “Sit, sit where you are.  How can you be a fisherman in the sea if you do not obey the rules of the sea?  You were told where to go.  You were told where the schools would be.” One man reaches up.  He goes to say something to Peter. “Wait, you listen to Me.”

He’s smiling now.  He’s always so rough and I don’t expect Him to smile, but He is.


“My beloved sons, and through this child I add, My beloved daughters, men are constantly fishing for things to please them.  Men are constantly going into directions they feel they will find what is best for them.  But I ask you on this night, in your time of day: ‘The Father has directed you to the Truth, The Holy Eucharist.  Have you followed His Direction today?  Have you thought about His Direction?  Have you, in your little way, simplified the Direction, analyzed It to a point that you were excused from the Direction, to go your own way?

The world in which you live is full of self-love and lacks discipline.  The time in which you live, no different than Mine; men sinned, men worried about the wrong things, and men were involved in impurities.  Man did not change nor did the world.  It is just that in eras of time, men become so weak in regards to The Divine and obedience to It, that they fall, not into a creek, but into the sea where the water devours them.

My children, today as you walk upon the earth, remember this:  There are many things that you must learn and you must be a part of.  The First One was given by Him.  It is not a repetitious Direction but a full, clear, beautiful one.

Ask yourself on this night, ‘Do you know the Ten Commandments?’ Some of you will have to say, ‘No, Peter, I don’t.’ Do you know the meaning of Them?

I say to you, ‘Thou Shalt Not Have false gods Before Me.’ Are you sure you know what this means?  Are you sure that you can repeat it, recognize it immediately in your daily life?  I say, ‘No’ to most of you.

And in the world now there is one great sin being done: Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife.  Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife — this Great Commandment is a frivolous thought in man’s mind today.  Why?  Because man has diminished the Beauty of God, the Magnitude of Him, the Reality of Him, the Purpose of Him, and yes, Who He Truly Is —Almighty.

And now, I say to you: ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal.’ What did you steal today, another man’s dignity?  You might have.  Did you steal something small, personal, or did you steal time from another man?  In many ways you can steal time:  someone you work for, someone you live with, someone you know, a friend, a loved one.  Men forget; they say there is no sin in the world now such as this.  And I, Peter, say to them, ‘There are many sins against this Commandment of God’s.’

‘Thou shalt not,’ oh, ‘Thou shalt not, Thou shalt not, Thou shalt not’; men scream at these words and they try to deny these words.  Men say, ‘Stop saying “don’t”, stop saying “Thou shalt not.”’ And I, from the Heavens Here say, ‘Those are the Words that could make you a Saint one day,’ for do not forget, when you stand before The Father, He will say, ‘Did you live by My Rules, the Ones I gave, or did you walk away from Them?’

Tonight I, Saint Peter, send you in the direction of a great school:  a school of Learning, a school of Wisdom, a school of Love, a school of Hope.  Will you go in the opposite direction?  I say to you, ‘If I were you, I wouldn’t.’  So be it.”


Our Lord is standing in back of Peter, smiling.  Peter is finished speaking and He walks over to Our Lord.  The Rays of Light between the Two, special; they’re bright.

Saint Peter, in a loud whisper to Our Lord, says, “I gave them the Message.  It is right.”

Our Lord is smiling at Peter.

8:37 P.M.


“My children, it is I, The Son of The Father, speaking to you tonight, and I would suggest you believe in the Beauty of Divine Light.  Men shout, ‘Love’; few shout, ‘Light’.  Men shout, ‘Knowledge’; few shout, ‘Wisdom’.  Men shout, ‘Enjoyment’; few shout, ‘Dignity’.  Men shout, ‘A part of the times’; few shout, ‘The Rules of all time’.

I hold the child firmly within My Power and I say to the world on this night, ‘Through This Great Miracle of Hope, I direct all children to Divine Light.’ It is the Promise of the Heavens to never deny a child the Light to light the Path to Here.

A long time ago, The Creator of all men gave for all time, the Direction, the correct schooling to come Here.  Men become bored with schooling.  Men become bored with repetition, but I say to you, ‘I, too, became not only bored, but I grew in agony with the repetitious blows men gave to Me on My Body.’ Some would strike because it was their job, some became vicious, and some lost control of themselves.  Some defied everything around, everyone, and decided to practice barbarism to show their strength and their might.

I come to the earth through this child and I say, ‘Those who say the Words from Here are repetitious, I want them to remember the blows I received from mankind.’ And ask yourselves, My children:  If you were to scan over the Ten Commandments and you had never learned Them before, would you remember Each One and the meaning of Each One?  I say, ‘No.’ You might remember the words, but what are words if they do not give great meaning and are full of worth?  In the last days, men have used words uncharitable towards This Great Miracle. The child has accepted them, and each one was as a blow that I received a long time ago.

Men are so quick to say to other men, ‘I love you.’ And now, I come and say, ‘I love you.’ It is the Purest Love in the world.  How do you respond to It, what reaction do you have?  They are not just words.  You are Face to face with Me through This Great Miracle that bears the Name of My earthly Father.  I would not lie to you.  I would have nothing to gain and really nothing to lose.  Ask yourselves on this night:  Why would I take the time, unless I really loved you?

I hold the child so deeply, so firmly, and some of you in the room are aware of the Power.  I bless you and I say, ‘This School is Important, that you were directed to today, This School of Rules with so much meaning, for you see, These Rules give Hope to every man, no matter what race, color, creed he be.’

And once again, I say, ‘I love you.’ If My Love is repetitious, then I am pleased.  So be it.”

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