ON SEPTEMBER 1, 1974 AT 1:51 PM


“My beloved children, many of you wonder how Heaven can come forth through this child, so immediate, so direct, and yes, in such a manner that you understand Every Word that Heaven speaks.

I am a Saint in the Heavens; men have not yet pronounced it so, announced it yet.  I am Padre Pio.  I come through a child who walks as I once did, open to the world, criticized by it, and yes, victimized in many ways.  But as I speak, My manner is softer than it used to be, for you see, The Father allowed it to be.

And as I speak through this child, I say to you and to the whole world, ‘Be aware of your Soul, for as you are, you will become more conscious of reparation.’ Reparation, My children, is important, for you see, reparation is the balance to one day come Here.  And bear in mind, that small reparations are good, and loved by The Divine.  Great reparations He accepts, for you see, in the acceptance He says to you, ‘You have suffered; now you must know that I love thee.’

But do not inflict upon yourselves the reparation such as beating yourselves with sticks, ropes, and hard things, but use the reparation the way He gives it.  Do not forget this.  Take the sorrows of your day, the despair, take the hurts and take the fears, and take the little things that others do, use them in reparation for you.  So be it.”

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