ON APRIL 2, 1975 AT 11:33 AM



I will tell you what I see.  It’s Our Lady and She has — it’s an ice blue gown.  Her Hair is a golden, reddish brown.  Her mantle is ice blue.  Her Hands are tapered like hands I’ve never seen, except on Her.  Her Nails glisten with the light.  And Her little Feet, the sandals are an ice blue.

She has beneath Her Feet — it looks like it’s water and it’s a very deep, rich blue, but it’s not glistening because the Rays from Her Body are piercing, penetrating the water.  She’s smiling.

And there are ships in every direction.  And there seem to be — there are Angels about this high off the water; this high, and They’re standing in back of Her.  Her little Feet are about this much off the water.  Her Feet are very beautiful.  And the water seems to be rippling.

And there are One, Two, Three Angels come in degrees of size on this side.  And then there’s Michael over here, but there’s also Raphael, Gabriel; there’s Another big Angel; there’s Another big Angel; there’s Another big Angel; there’s Another big Angel.  And They’re smiling because I just think They’re big and Michael’s the smallest.

Our Lady is looking at Her Angels, and Michael is smiling the brightest.  And She is taller than Michael.  Michael’s little; He’s — I don’t think I’ve ever seen Him so small.  And, the little Ones are over here.


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, it is truly I, your Heavenly Mother, speaking to you on this day.  There are so many Subjects I would like to discuss with each of you, in many ways.

A child has been chosen in the world, who stands upon the world, for many reasons and for many things to be done.  I stand Here with My Angels in the Heavens, and the Vision that is in front of the child is, in reality, Here Where I am.  I did not come to the earth.  I come, though, with My Love.  I come with My Heart, and I come with a Motherly Direction for each child.

There are so many men in the world now who are trying to extend to others only self-love, and a lack of self-discipline is evident, in every way.

My sons, some of you are present in this Vision today to better understand why you were born to the world as a son, and why many of you are now men.  To be a man in the world is, in some ways, quite easy, but to be a man for God is sometimes difficult, for you must respect first what He is All About.  You must stand in obedience to His Will so you can become purified.

Know, My little ones, that the world in which you take so much part, you can become shaded in many areas.  And know that when you stand before The Father for Judgment, purity is the key to Heaven.

So be aware now of what true reparation means, what true penance means.  Penance does not mean to harm your body, but it does mean to respect your body against all temptation.  And know, that one day you will grow to love purity so much that you will think of what it means to your Soul.

I want you always to remember this Vision I extend to you today.  The water upon which I stand is the cleansing way.  It cleanses many things.  The water of Baptism is important to The Holy King.  Water is a life way and the way to life.  Do not forget, as you were born, you developed in a fluid, a liquid.  Then, when you came to the earth, born to the world through your will, and of course, through the Power of God, you came out of the liquid, only to desire liquid.

Oh, My children, know that all things upon the earth have a parallel, and all things upon the earth are coordinated according to God’s Will.  Be aware that, as the Angels stand Here with Me and I stand upon the water, beneath the water there is earth.

So, as all things are connected, you, too, must remember that to do The Father’s Will takes a connection of things.  First of all, to love Him; next, to desire to obey; next, to desire to serve; next, to desire purity in every way; and next, to grow so in love that you have only your Soul in mind, every day.

Now, I speak to the daughters who must imitate My Way.  Be aware that, with all the temptation in the world, you must not be a part of this temptation, for in the temptation, you will not feel the beauty of purity nor of God’s Way.

So, I bless you all, My little ones, not from the sea, but from the Heavens Where I am, and The Holy Trinity.  The Angels will slowly disappear and I will remain upon the water, in the Eyes of the child, the Eyes of her Soul, and she will see It even more clear, and as this occurs, she will be held deeper in the ecstasy that I have caused to be, for without the ecstasy she could not stand in the world, so constantly listening all the day and all the night to What The Father does Decree.

So, be aware that through This Great Miracle you have been given a Lesson, none to compare, that there are Angels Here in the Holy Heavens, there are Saints Here in these Beautiful Places; and I, your Mother, The Heavenly Mother, expect each of you to arrive Here.  So know that today I have handed you purity, for in the fluid you were developed in, it was pure; and so you must return in this pure manner to Him.

I bless you with a Mother’s Love as I hold the child deeper in My Way, and I bless you with Purity, for know, that it is the Way of the Heavens.  So be it.”

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