ON APRIL 20, 1975 AT 2:15 PM


“Ask yourselves on this day, how many of The Commandments did you, today, sin against?  If you sinned against that particular one, ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’, you didn’t have to take a monetary value thing, but you could have taken away a man’s dignity, hope, love.

And also that Commandment that says ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’; how many people today, have you killed?  In what age bracket have you killed them, with your own pride and ego, with your own self-love, with your own lack of hope?  How many people have you killed?

How many people have you stopped from going to ‘Keep Holy The Sabbath Day’ by your attitude, by your possessiveness, by your own lack of understanding of what this is all about?

There are few good people in the world who can teach what God is All About.  And I have come on this day, The One Who created each of you, and I say: ‘I am truly The Father in every way.  I am truly The One Who created you in such a small way, and I am truly The One Who stands with this child every day.’

Men feel that in diminishing the Sacraments of life, of hope, that all of nature will be revealed.  I have spoken oftentimes through this child and I have said to the world, ‘I once before revealed, and I come again on this day to reveal to the world what I want all men to be, all men to hear, all men to see.’

Men say, ‘Who are You, God?’ And I say to them: ‘I am more real than you.  I am all you are.’ And those who get nervous when I speak, are nervous because of their own inadequacy.  But be aware, that it is truly I Who speak through this child, and I say to you on this day: ‘As I use her physical, I do not use her mind, for her mind would be much smaller than Mine, but I use her Faith, I use her trust and I use her service in a time as thus.  I use her to allow the world to know what is right, what is good.’

And I say, ‘Many false prophets have arrived in the world, of late.’ If I were to stand visibly to you, you would not understand.  So, all through time, I have used men.  I sent to the world, of My Own, in the form of a Family Who started childhood to be grown for specific reasons throughout the world, to give men hope, example, strength, light, and the way for the world.

I have oftentimes spoken through this child who is but an instrument, a puppet, of All Things Worthwhile, and I have oftentimes given to mankind of all ways, all colors, all creeds, Divine Love, Divine Hope, Divine Means, Divine Way.  I gave a responsibility to a child in your day, and in this responsibility, men have tried to cause weakness and others to stray.  But the child, in the firmness she knows is Mine, is the strength for the world, for all mankind.

I have never dealt with a child quite like this, for she has tried to get Me to be easier on each of thee, and I oftentimes say to her, ‘If I am as easy as you want Me to be, the child will go amiss.’

The whole world must know of This Great Miracle that through the Seeds of My Love I have truly sown; and through the Hope that is given, the Light that is shown, the Love that is demonstrated by one alone, the world must accept the Beauty of My Throne, the Magnitude I Am, and the Force that I portray through one alone.

I hold the child in a portion of ecstasy, in a particular manner and way.  Some of you shout, ‘Is it truly The Father in every way?’ The child knows Whom I Am. The child knows it is truly I Who speak, and the child says, ‘God, help them, for they do not understand the Magnitude of You.’

And I say through her: ‘I am Who I Am.  I am All Things.  I am The Power of Light, I am The Sign of Light, I am The Motion of Light and I am The Giver of Light.  I Am The Father, I Am The Son and I Am The Holy Ghost.  I Am The King of the Heavens.’ And no man has ever been allowed, or able, to give a complete description of the Heavens Where I am, because men would immediately decide, in their own way, manner, and in their human degree, of the limits of Heaven, of which there are none.

I have used this child through All of My Saints.  I have used this child in every way, and I extend through her eyes, My Love for you; and I extend through her whole physical, Me, for I am The Kingdom, I am The Light, and I am The One Who projects through her sight, the action of Hope, the use of Hope, the manner of Hope and the means of Hope.

The child is aware it is I.  I could drop her to her knees as I have so often done.  I have, in many ways, caused this child to suffer much in reparation for sins, in reparation for many things, and in reparation for those who feel they are just.  I hold her deeper than you can know a holding to be.  There is no man in the world who is so subservient to Me.  I hold her with Love as I did Him on the Cross, through the pain and the agony.

The trials and the errors that men permit to be, I say, ‘Woe to the world,’ with a Light of Divine Love, ‘if you do not understand My Love from Above.’ You have asked that I show My Love, My Light and My Hope.  I send My Light in the Rays of Hope.

I could burn you to the ground.  I could burn you in every way, but the child says, ‘No, God, not this way.’ There is no man in the world who fights so hard for mankind, and I say to you now from The Divine, ‘Would you truly sacrifice as this child must?’ Are you selfish, unkind, and do you use My Name to gather, to muster up self-acclaim?

The child is Mine; I want you to know this. The child is truly an instrument of The Divine; I want you to know this. The child stands as long as I Will her to stand.  And I say to you on this day: ‘I have spoken to you in a special way.  You have heard Me, firsthand.  Listen to no man, and be aware of the Soul I want to come This Way.’

A victim I put before you, and as the birds sing and the Light shows, the Rays come, the Hope glows, it is Me Who is in control.  Men have pleaded, ‘Don’t throw her to the ground, not again, God.’ But I want you to know that even though the suffering would be pronounced, she has said, ‘If it is Your Will, let it be.’

I am The Father.  I am The Beholder of your destiny.  I am The Light through which you must reach Life for All Eternity.

There are Many Here in the Heavens Who say each day, ‘God, the child is tired,’ and I look at Them and accept Their love, and then I say to her, ‘Are you too tired to work for Me?’ I have always gotten the same answer: ‘Let it be only as You Decree.  Let the false prophets fall by the ground.  Let them, dear God, fall away so men will understand what You are all about.’

The Wind is My Love, the Light is My Love, the sound of a voice I want to return to Me.  I bless you from the Heavens, from Where I am, and I bless you with Light, warm and gentle, surrounding each man.  I Will that this Mound of Soil be as I Will it to be, and I Will that the world know of The Heavenly Mother and The Beloved Saint Joseph’s Divinity.

I want you, My children, to look at the lily that I sent to the world to announce His Way, His Acceptance.  It is the Star of David, in every way.  The six points are what I have taught, the joining together is what I want you to know.  And the heart of the lily is The Holy Trinity, spreading out My Love, extending My Way.  Look at the lily, and through the lily, you will be able to see The Divinity of The Three.  So be it.”

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